Chapter 9.18


9.18.010    Probationer Defined.

9.18.020    Authority to Arrest.

9.18.010 Probationer Defined.

As used in this Chapter "probationer" means any person who after conviction of violation of an ordinance of the County or the Revised Code of Washington, has been placed on probation in connection with the suspension or deferral of sentence by either the Pierce County District Court or the Pierce County Superior Court on appeal. (Ord. 87-78 § 1 (part), 1987)

9.18.020 Authority to Arrest.

Whenever a police officer shall have probable cause to believe that a probationer, prior to the termination of the period of the probation, is, in such officer’s presence, violating or failing to comply with any requirement or restriction imposed by the court as a condition of such probation, such officer shall cause the probationer to be brought before the court wherein sentence was deferred or suspended, and for such purpose such police officer may arrest such probationer without warrant or other process. (Ord. 87-78 § 1 (part), 1987)