Chapter 18.40


18.40.010    Customer Information Meetings.

18.40.020    Complete Applications.

18.40.030    Application Processing Options.

18.40.040    Modification of Applications.

18.40.050    Expiration of Applications.

18.40.010 Customer Information Meetings.

Customer information meetings between County staff and an applicant prior to or concurrent with filing of a complete application are available to outline requirements for filing a complete application, timelines for the County review process, application processing options, and to identify planning/zoning, design, development engineering, utility, fire, and environmental information on the project site including potential impacts and applicable regulations. See Chapter 2.05 PCC for applicable fees.

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18.40.020 Complete Applications.

A.    Form and Content. The Planning and Public Works Department (PPW) shall prescribe, on a Submittal Standards Checklist, the form and content for complete applications made pursuant to the Development Regulations.

B.    Proposals that are inconsistent with the use and/or density provisions of the Comprehensive Plan and/or development regulations shall not be accepted.

C.    Check for Complete Application. The Department shall review applications for completeness prior to acceptance for filing. An application shall be considered complete when it contains the following, unless otherwise authorized by the Director:

1.    A signature by the owner(s) or authorized agent;

2.    The correct number of completed master and supplemental application forms signed by the applicant which contain a detailed description of the proposed land use, proposed hard surface, and description of all existing and proposed improvements and easements;

3.    The correct number of documents, plans, or maps identified in the applicable Development Regulation, on the Submittal Standards form or application, as appropriate for the proposed project;

4.    For preliminary plats only, a completed land survey of the perimeter of the site;

5.    Confirmation that the water purveyor for the area is not identified as an "Inadequate Water System" per Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department records;

6.    A completed State Environmental Policy Act checklist, if required; and

7.    Payment of all applicable fees. In the event of insufficient funds, the application shall be deemed null and void.

D.    Related Studies and Reports. Related studies and reports required to process the application should be identified by the Department before or at the time of filing or as soon thereafter as practical. Submittal of the studies with the application is encouraged, but is not required for an application to be considered complete unless identified through a pre-filing meeting, PCC 18.40.010 C.*

E.    Special Submittal Requirements. In addition to the information required for a complete application described in PCC 18.40.020 C. above, the following additional information is required for a complete application in the following circumstances:

1.    City of Gig Harbor's Urban Growth Area (UGA):

a.    Documentation showing that an application for development in the City of Gig Harbor's UGA has been submitted to the City for review.

b.    Documentation showing that a formal request for a utility extension from the City has been submitted to the City for approval.

c.    Single-family dwelling units on existing legal lots of record shall be exempt from these additional submittal requirements.

2.    Housing projects permitted through Chapter 18A.65 PCC, Affordable Housing Incentives:

a.    The submittal of a signed Affordable Housing Incentives Program Agreement as set forth in PCC 18A.65.030 B.

F.    Filing Fees. The schedule of fees for Planning and Public Works and Assessor-Treasurer Development Review, Inspection and Application/Processing Fees is established in Chapter 2.05 PCC. See Title 4A PCC for traffic, park and school Impact Fees; see Title 13 PCC for Public Sanitary Sewer charges; see Title 17C PCC for Building and Fire fees.

G.    Applications Part of Permanent Record. Applications filed pursuant to the applicable Titles shall be numbered consecutively in the order of their filing and shall become a part of the permanent official records of the agency to which the application is made. Copies of all notices and orders, certificates and affidavits of posting, transmittal or publication; plans, maps, and exhibits; and any other additional application information shall be filed together with the application in the permanent official record.

Code Revisor’s Note: The terms "pre-file meeting," "pre-filing meeting," "pre-filing conference," and "pre-file conference" may be used interchangeably and all refer to "Pre-File Conference" (PCC 18.40.010 B.*). "Pre-file conference" is the preferred term. See Ordinance No. 2013-30s2.

* Code Revisor’s Note: PCC 18.40.010 no longer includes subsections.

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18.40.030 Application Processing Options.

A.    Consolidated Permit Option. The applicant may elect to consolidate two or more development related permits for one project action and submit the applications simultaneously. The following conditions apply to all applications filed in a consolidated permit option:

1.    applications shall be reviewed concurrently;

2.    applications shall be processed within the time limits as set forth in Chapter 18.100 PCC, Time Period for Final Decision;

3.    applications shall be subject to the public notice method and type as determined by the applicable permit categories;

4.    methods of notice must include all project permits being reviewed through the consolidated permit option; and

5.    application review type shall be based upon the permit categories set forth in the applicable development regulation.

B.    Individual Permit Option. The applicant may elect to individually submit applications. Each application will be processed within the time limits as set forth in Chapter 18.100 PCC, Time Period for Final Decision.

(Ord. 96-19S § 1 (part), 1996)

18.40.040 Modification of Applications.

Proposed modifications to a pending application which has been deemed to be complete by the Department shall be treated as follows:

A.    Any modification to an application may require revised public notice and/or additional review fees.

B.    Modifications which meet or exceed any of the following criteria, as determined by the Department, shall require a new application:

1.    General Modification Criteria:

a.    The perimeter boundary of the project site is expanded by more than 5 percent;

b.    Structure gross square footage is expanded by more than 25 percent;

c.    Hard surface is increased by more than 25 percent;

d.    Residential density is increased by more than 20 percent or exceeds the maximum allowable density for the zone classification in which the project is located;

e.    Designated open space is reduced by more than 10 percent;

f.    Points of access are substantially relocated, except where such relocation is supported by a revised traffic analysis;

g.    The original application's primary use category is changed to a new primary use category of greater intensity, as determined by the new use's impacts, including but not limited to traffic, impervious surface, noise, glare, dust, and hours of operation; or

h.    There is a substantial change in the project's impacts and/or use.

C.    Modifications that do not meet or exceed the criteria for a new application as set forth in subsection B. of this Section shall not require a new application and shall be required to comply with the development regulations in effect on the date of the original complete application.

D.    If the modification of an application meets or exceeds any one or more of the General Modification Criteria, a new application shall be required. The new application shall be subject to the development regulations and fees which are in effect at the time the new application is submitted.

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18.40.050 Expiration of Applications.

An application shall be null and void if the applicant fails to submit the requested additional information within an accumulative 360 days from the Department's request or within a time period as specified by the Hearing Examiner.

A.    The Director shall have the authority to grant one 60-day extension of time for projects other than final plats that have received the majority of all required approvals and have submitted documentation that all remaining approvals can be obtained within the 60-day time extension.

B.    The Director shall have the authority to review an application(s) permit system record and make any necessary corrections to the application(s) expiration date as a result of inaccurate and/or missed data entries. Documentation of the corrections shall be made part of the file's written record.

C.    The Director shall have the authority to grant a one-time 180-day extension for final plat applications that have received the majority of all required approvals and have submitted documentation that all remaining approvals can be obtained within the 180-day time extension.

Any applications applied for prior to July 28, 1996, that have not gone before the Hearing Examiner, unless time extensions have been granted, shall be null and void.

(Ord. 2017-89s § 1 (part), 2018; Ord. 2012-2s § 4 (part), 2012)