Chapter 12.08


12.08.010    Notice of hearing on proposed street vacation.

12.08.020    Notice expenses to be paid in advance by petitioners.

12.08.010 Notice of hearing on proposed street vacation.

When the city council passes a resolution setting a time for a hearing on a proposed vacation, the city clerk/treasurer will give notice of the hearing by publication once in a legal newspaper in the city, at least ten days prior to the date of hearing. The notice shall contain a statement of a petition filed or initiation by the city to vacate the street or alley described in the notice, together with a statement of the time and place fixed for the hearing regarding the vacation. In addition to the newspaper notice, notice shall be given by mail at least fifteen days before the date fixed for the hearing to the owners or reputed owners of all lots, tracts, or parcels of land or other property abutting upon any street or alley or any part thereof sought to be vacated, as shown on the rolls of the county treasurer, directed to the address thereon shown; excepting, petitioners requesting the vacation are considered given notice since they are parties to the proposal and need not be notified by mail.

The notice given by mail shall also advise abutting owners of their rights under RCW 35.79.020 to object to the street vacation and advise them they may make written objection to the proposed vacation by filing written objection with the clerk/treasurer prior to the hearing and/or may appear and be heard at the hearing. The notices required by this section shall be in addition to notice of hearing required by RCW 35.79.020. (Ord. 840 §1, 2008;788 §1, 2002; Ord. 620, 1982).

12.08.020 Notice expenses to be paid in advance by petitioners.

When proceedings on a vacation are initiated by application of abutting petitioners, costs of mailing and publication of the notice of hearing shall be paid in advance of the mailing and publication. (Ord. 840 §2, 2008).