Title 2


2.04    Port Townsend City Council Rules

2.06    Office of the City Clerk

2.08    Legal Department

2.10    Office of the City Manager

2.11    Finance and Administrative Services Department

2.12    Repealed

2.14    Hearing Examiner

2.18    Public Works Department

2.20    Office Hours

2.24    Repealed

2.26    Repealed

2.28    Repealed

2.30    Repealed

2.32    Planning Commission

2.33    Repealed

2.34    Department of Development Services

2.35    Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department

2.36    Police Department

2.37    Library Department

2.38    Repealed

2.40    Fire Department

2.42    Repealed

2.44    Contractor Performance Bonds

2.48    Repealed

2.56    Repealed

2.60    Medical Insurance and Other Benefits for City Employees

2.64    Repealed

2.68    Civil Service

2.70    Repealed

2.71    Repealed

2.72    Historic Preservation Committee

2.73    Design Review Advisory Committee

2.74    Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

2.76    Public Records Disclosure

2.78    Public Disclosure of Campaign Finance Reports

2.80    Code of Ethics

2.82    Dispute Resolution Program

2.84    Port Townsend Public Development Authority

2.85    Naming Public Facilities

*    Code reviser’s note: Ord. 2892 changed the following references in this title: (1) building and community development department (BCD) to development services department (DSD); (2) director of building and community development department (BCD) to director of development services department (DSD). These changes will be incorporated in the printed volume of the code as those pages are reprinted in future supplements. Users accessing the Internet version of the code will note that all of these references have already been changed.