Chapter 2.85


2.85.010    Purpose.

2.85.020    Naming criteria.

2.85.030    Process.

2.85.010 Purpose.

This chapter shall be used to name city-owned parks and buildings, including naming interior features or elements of public facilities. A facility name should be selected with the intent that the name will be permanent. (Ord. 3156 § 1 (Exh. A), 2016).

2.85.020 Naming criteria.

Selection of names shall be based on the relationship of the public facility to one of the following criteria:

A. Neighborhood, geographic, or common name or referral identification;

B. A historical figure, place, event, or other instance of historical or cultural significance;

C. Natural or geological features;

D. An individual, living or deceased, who has made a significant land or monetary contribution to the public facility or who has had such a contribution made in that individual’s name when naming the facility after the individual is a condition of the donation. Public facilities dedicated as a result of a mitigation agreement or other permit condition shall not be considered a donation or contribution;

E. An individual, living or deceased, who has contributed outstanding civic service to the city, community, or city government. No public facility shall be named after a deceased person until at least one year after the person’s death. (Ord. 3156 § 1 (Exh. A), 2016).

2.85.030 Process.

A. Requests for naming public facilities shall be submitted to the city manager. The application must address the criteria in this chapter.

B. The city manager will refer the request to the appropriate department for review and recommendation, and may refer the request to the appropriate city advisory board or commission.

C. The city manager will submit the request to the appropriate council committee in accordance with adopted council rules. The committee will consider the request using the criteria in this chapter.

D. The council committee may recommend approval, denial, or modification of the requested name. It will make its recommendation to the full council, and should state the reasons for its decision.

E. Council may approve, deny or modify the requested name. The council’s decision is legislative and discretionary, and may not be appealed. (Ord. 3156 § 1 (Exh. A), 2016).