Title 3


3.04    Funds

3.08    Local Improvement Assessments

3.12    Sales or Use Tax

3.14    Affordable and Supportive Housing Sales Tax

3.15    Multifamily Tax Exemption Program

3.16    Open Space, Agricultural and Timber Lands – Current Use Assessment

3.20    Lodging Tax

3.24    Leasehold Excise Tax

3.28    Real Estate Excise Tax

3.32    Returned Checks Charge

3.36    Permit, Application and Appeal Fees

3.37    Recodified

3.38    Recodified

3.40    Ambulance Service Fees

3.42    Acceptance of Donations to the City

3.44    Disposition of Surplus Property – Long-Term Leases

3.46    Purchase of Goods, Services, Equipment and Supplies

3.48    Repealed

3.50    Public Arts Program – One Percent for Arts

*    Code reviser’s note: Ord. 3287 changed references in this title to the development services department (DSD) to the planning and community development department (PCDD). These changes will be incorporated in the printed volume of the code as those pages are reprinted in future supplements. Users accessing the Internet version of the code will note that all of these references have already been changed.