Chapter 5.76


5.76.010    Amusement machines – License fee – Issuance.

5.76.020    Vending machines – License fee – Display.

5.76.030    Licenses – Applications.

5.76.040    Licenses – Display in premises.

5.76.050    Licenses – Duration and proration of fee.

5.76.010 Amusement machines – License fee – Issuance.

Each and every person, firm or corporation, having at any place of business within the city, a device or machine which is a mechanical music machine or is for playing of games of amusement, and which is activated by the insertion of any coin or coins, or a machine in which coins may be dropped for the purpose of operating the same, even though the same may be such machine as is attached to a pool table, shuffleboard or other amusement or game device, and which may be legally operated within the state, shall pay for each such amusement machine an annual license fee of $25.00, which license shall be issued for each such licensed machine or device located on any premises in the city, but provided that a license for such machine or device shall be a license to the premises rather than to the machine, and that machines on the premises may be changed without acquisition of an additional license therefor, so long as one license is displayed on the premises for each such machine thereon located. (Ord. 1642 § 1, 1972).

5.76.020 Vending machines – License fee – Display.

Each and every person, having at any place of business within the city, a device or machine in which coins may be dropped for the purpose of activating the same to the end that any article of a value of $0.25, or more, may be dispensed or vended from said machine by reason of the insertion of a coin or coins, shall pay an annual license fee of $10.00 for a license to permit each of such machines on any premises in the city. One of such licenses must be displayed on the premises in which such machine or device is located for each such machine or device therein located. (Ord. 1667 § 1, 1973; Ord. 1642 § 2, 1972).

5.76.030 Licenses – Applications.

Applications for licenses as herein provided shall be made to the office of the city clerk, and licenses for said machines shall be issued by the office of the city clerk, and shall be in such form as may be appropriate for display on the premises of the licensee. (Ord. 1642 § 3, 1972).

5.76.040 Licenses – Display in premises.

The license issued by the city clerk for amusement and vending machines, as herein provided, must at all times be prominently displayed in the premises upon which the machines or devices are located, in order that city police officers, or other proper city personnel, may readily see and view the same in order to determine the proper licensing of such machines at all times. (Ord. 1642 § 4, 1972).

5.76.050 Licenses – Duration and proration of fee.

Any license issued under this chapter shall be for one calendar year, from January 1st through December 31st. In the event that any license is issued during the calendar year, the fee for each such license shall be prorated, based upon the date of license issuance, which license shall then continue in effect to December 31st of the year of issuance. (Ord. 2121 § 1, 1988).