Title 9


9.02    Criminal Code

9.04    Miscellaneous Offenses

9.06    Fireworks

9.08    Nuisances

9.09    Noise

9.10    Punishment and Abatement of Public Nuisances

9.12    Burning Permits

9.16    Storage of Petroleum Products

9.20    Repealed

9.24    Assembly Regulations

9.28    Litter Code

9.32    Malt Liquor Sales and Distribution

9.36    Leaving Children Unattended

9.40    Emergency Management Program

9.44    Display of Wild and Exotic Animals Prohibited

9.46    Right-of-Way Use Rules Including Streets and Sidewalks

9.50    Trespass Warnings on City and Other Publicly Owned Property

*    Code reviser’s note: Ord. 2892 changed the following references in this title: (1) building and community development department (BCD) to development services department (DSD); (2) director of building and community development department (BCD) to director of development services department (DSD). These changes will be incorporated in the printed volume of the code as those pages are reprinted in future supplements. Users accessing the Internet version of the code will note that all of these references have already been changed.