Chapter 10.16


10.16.010    Procedure.

10.16.020    Size of zone – Fees.

10.16.030    Application.

10.16.040    Designation.

10.16.050    When parking permitted.

10.16.060    Unlawful painting.

10.16.070    Application – Investigation.

10.16.080    Procedure for payment of fee.

10.16.010 Procedure.

The police department is authorized to grant to qualified applicants a reserved area of city streets along and upon city streets for the purpose of permitting the loading and unloading of vehicles in said zones in the servicing of adjacent places of business. Such loading zones shall be created only upon application of persons operating a business adjacent to the requested zone, and upon payment of the fees, as hereinafter provided. (Ord. 1480 § 1, 1965).

10.16.020 Size of zone – Fees.

Any such loading zone shall consist of an area along the curbing of the street which shall comprise that amount of space which would ordinarily be designated for the parking area controlled by a single parking meter in the metered areas of the city. In the event that the area requested and granted for a parking zone shall comprise more area than ordinarily delegated to a single parking meter, as aforesaid, then the fees charged for the loading zone shall be in ratio to the area reserved in the loading zone as measured by space ordinarily delegated to a single parking meter. (Ord. 1480 § 2, 1965).

10.16.030 Application.

Applications for loading zones shall be made to the chief of police, in writing, and shall state the name of the applicant, the name of the business to be served, and the nature of the business, together with a description of the area requested to be reserved for loading zone purposes. (Ord. 1480 § 3, 1965).

10.16.040 Designation.

Upon the creation of a loading zone, as hereinabove provided, the chief of police shall cause the curbing adjacent to the loading zone to be painted yellow, and the yellow painted area to be stenciled or otherwise marked to read “Loading Zone No Parking.” (Ord. 2499 § 1, 1995; Ord. 1480 § 4, 1965).

10.16.050 When parking permitted.

The parking of vehicles, other than for purposes of loading or unloading in connection with the business served by the loading zones, in any loading zone established under the terms of this chapter, shall be prohibited, and the violation thereof shall be punished according to the provisions of PTMC 1.01.020. Parking for other than loading or unloading in the loading zones hereinabove described shall be permitted to vehicles of all kinds on Sundays, legal holidays, and from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. the following morning on any day. (Ord. 1480 § 5, 1965).

10.16.060 Unlawful painting.

Any person who shall paint, or cause to be painted, any portion of any curbing along any city street, excepting as provided in this chapter, shall be in violation of this chapter and shall be subject to a penalty as set forth in PTMC 1.01.020. (Ord. 1480 § 6, 1965).

10.16.070 Application – Investigation.

Upon receiving any application for a loading zone, the chief of police shall investigate the application to determine the need and feasibility in establishing the loading zone, and is empowered to grant or deny the application. Any person who feels himself aggrieved by reason of the granting or denial of a loading zone, as hereinabove provided, may, within 30 days of the granting or denial thereof, appeal to the city council, and the city council may, by motion, affirm or reverse the decision of the chief of police. (Ord. 1480 § 7, 1965).

10.16.080 Procedure for payment of fee.

Every person who shall be granted a loading zone, upon his request as herein provided, shall pay a fee therefor in the sum of $15.00 per month, for each space occupied by the zone in ratio to the space ordinarily delegated to one passenger vehicle parking space, as herein provided, and the payment shall be made in advance either monthly or by longer periods. (Ord. 1881 § 1, 1981; Ord. 1480 § 8, 1965).