Chapter 11.02


11.02.010    Definitions.

11.02.020    Camping prohibited.

11.02.030    Penalty.

11.02.010 Definitions.

“Camp” means to remain overnight, to erect a tent or other shelter, or to use sleeping equipment, a vehicle, or a trailer or camper, for the purpose of or in such a way as will permit remaining overnight.

“Park” means all parks and bodies of water contained therein, trails, beaches, playgrounds, playfields, greenbelts, parking lots, and other park, recreation and open space areas and buildings and facilities comprising the parks and recreation system of the city under the management and control of the public works director. See the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Functional Plan, as amended, for a list of parks and other resources. The public works director will keep an updated list of areas designated since the adoption of the functional plan. (Ord. 2964 § 1, 2008).

11.02.020 Camping prohibited.

It is unlawful to camp in any park; provided, the public works director may issue temporary permits for camping. (Ord. 2964 § 1, 2008).

11.02.030 Penalty.

A. Director’s Authority. Whenever the public works director or his or her designee (“director”) determines that a condition exists in violation of this chapter or any standard required to be adhered to by this chapter, or in violation of any permit issued hereunder, he or she is authorized to enforce the provisions of this chapter.

B. Chapter 1.20 PTMC Applicable. All violations of any provision of this chapter or incorporated standards, or of any permit or license issued hereunder, are declared nuisances and made subject to the administration and enforcement provisions of Chapter 1.20 PTMC, including any amendments, and including but not limited to abatement, criminal penalty, and civil penalty as set forth in Chapter 1.20 PTMC, which are incorporated by reference as if set forth herein. (Ord. 2964 § 1, 2008).