Title 12


12.04    Transportation and Rights-of-Way Improvement Standards

12.06    Transportation Concurrency Management

12.08    Right-of-Way Conditions

12.10    Street Use Permits – Commercial, Mixed Use, Marine-Related and Manufacturing Districts

12.11    Street Use Permits – Street Painting All Districts

12.12    Sidewalk Maintenance, Construction and Repair

12.16    House Numbering

12.20    Street Vacation Procedure

12.24    Street and Park Trees

12.26    Street Latecomer Agreements

12.30    Widths and Terms for Easements

12.40    Complete Streets Program

12.50    Port Townsend Transportation Benefit District

*    Code reviser’s note: Ord. 3287 changed references in this title to the development services department (DSD) to the planning and community development department (PCD). These changes have been made to the online version of the code, and will be incorporated in the printed volume of the code as the affected pages are reprinted in future supplements.