Chapter 18.30


18.30.010    Compliance.

18.30.020    Enforcement.

18.30.030    Certificates of occupancy.

18.30.010 Compliance.

A.    General. Except as specifically set forth elsewhere in this title, no building or other structure shall be constructed, improved, altered, enlarged or moved, nor shall any use or occupancy of premises within the city be commenced or changed, nor shall any condition of, or upon, real property be caused or maintained, after the effective date of this title, except in conformity with conditions prescribed in this zoning code and with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to erect, construct, establish, move into, alter, enlarge, use or cause to be used any buildings, structures or improvements or use of premises located in any zone described in this title contrary to the provisions of this title; provided, that the planned residential development conditions as allowed in Chapter 18.260, zoning variances as allowed in Chapter 18.290 and nonconformities in Chapter 18.160 shall be allowed and continue in the manner provided for in this title.

B.    Obligation of Successor. The requirements of this title apply to the property owner of record and/or the person undertaking the development or use of structures or land; or to that person’s successor in interest of the property and/or the undertaking of the development or use of structures or land.

C.    Legality of Pre-Existing Approvals. Any use of a structure or of land approved by the city prior to the effective date of this title, or by the county in annexed areas prior to annexation, may continue if consistent with such approvals. No such legal existing use shall be enlarged or modified in a manner contrary to these regulations, or as subject to the provisions of this code regarding nonconformities. (Ord. 2013-04 § 2 (Exh. A (part)), 2013: Ord. 2003-10 § 1 (Exh. A, I(C)), 2003. Formerly 18.04.030)

18.30.020 Enforcement.

The planning director or designee has authority to enforce the requirements of this title. Enforcement of Title 18 shall proceed under the provisions of Chapter 18.320. Any approval, permit, certificate, or license issued based on a knowing and material misrepresentation by an applicant may be suspended or revoked by the planning director. (Ord. 2013-04 § 2 (Exh. A (part)), 2013)

18.30.030 Certificates of occupancy.

A.    General. The purpose of this section is to ensure that each new or expanded use of a structure or of a site without a structure, and each new structure or alteration of an existing structure, complies with all applicable provisions of this title. Certificates of occupancy also provide the city with a record of each new or expanded use of a structure or site.

B.    Application of Certificates of Occupancy.

1.    For Use of New or Expanded Buildings. No buildings hereafter erected or enlarged shall be occupied, used or changed in use until a certificate of occupancy has been issued. A certificate of occupancy shall be issued only after such building or enlargement has been completed in conformity with the provisions of this title, with an approved site plan, if required, and when the proposed use conforms to this title and to any and all other required conditions, and/or other applicable codes of the city of Poulsbo or state of Washington.

2.    For Use of Existing Buildings. In the event a change shall be made in the classification of occupancies or use of any existing building which would place the building in a different division of the same group of occupancy or in a different group of occupancies, such building shall be made to comply with the requirements of the city adopted building code, and such change in occupancy classification shall require a certificate of occupancy. A certificate of occupancy shall not be required solely for changes in use within the same division of the same group of occupancy defined by the International Building Code, as adopted by the city.

C.    Record. A record of all certificates of occupancy shall be kept on file with the building department. (Ord. 2013-04 § 2 (Exh. A (part)), 2013)