Division II. Land Use Districts

Chapter 18.60


18.60.010    Purpose.

18.60.020    Establishment of land use zones.

18.60.030    Establishment of map.

18.60.040    Property classified.

18.60.050    Maintenance of map.

18.60.060    Interpretation of zoning map.

18.60.010 Purpose.

The city is divided into land use zoning districts as established in this code, with the intent to provide for the geographic distribution of land uses as contemplated in the comprehensive plan; to maintain stability in land use commitments through the provision of harmonious groupings of uses possessing compatible characteristics and levels of activity; to maintain commitments in public service facilities such as transportation systems, utilities and parks; and to provide an efficient and compatible relationship of land uses and land use districts. (Ord. 2013-04 § 2 (Exh. A (part)), 2013)

18.60.020 Establishment of land use zones.

Land use zoning districts in the city are hereby established as follows:

District or Zone

Map Symbol



Residential Low


Residential Medium


Residential High




Downtown/Front Street


Viking Avenue


SR 305 Corridor


College MarketPlace


Business and Employment


Office Commercial Industrial


Business Park


Light Industrial




Master Plan Overlay


(Ord. 2013-04 § 2 (Exh. A (part)), 2013: Ord. 2003-10 § 1 (Exh. A, I(G)(1)), 2003. Formerly 18.12.010)

18.60.030 Establishment of map.

The designation, location and boundaries of the land use zoning districts established by this code are as shown and depicted on the map entitled Zoning Map of the City of Poulsbo, dated with the effective date of adoption and referenced with adopting ordinance number. (Ord. 2013-04 § 2 (Exh. A (part)), 2013: Ord. 2003-10 § 1 (Exh. A, I(G)(2)), 2003. Formerly 18.12.020)

18.60.040 Property classified.

Each property in the city of Poulsbo is hereby classified pursuant to this code and is subject to the requirements of this code. (Ord. 2013-04 § 2 (Exh. A (part)), 2013)

18.60.050 Maintenance of map.

An original signed copy of the zoning map containing the zoning districts designated at the time of adoption of this title shall be filed in the office of the city clerk pursuant to RCW 35.63.100 and a duplicate shall be filed in the planning department. Copies of zoning maps and amendments shall be dated with the effective date of the document adopting the map and amendments, and shall be maintained with the adopting documents, on file in the planning department. It shall be the responsibility of the planning director to keep the zoning map up to date at all times. (Ord. 2013-04 § 2 (Exh. A (part)), 2013: Ord. 2003-10 § 1 (Exh. A, I(G)(4)), 2003. Formerly 18.12.040)

18.60.060 Interpretation of zoning map.

Where, due to the scale, lack of detail or illegibility of the zoning map, there is uncertainty, contradiction or conflict as to the intended location of any zoning district boundary as shown thereon, the planning director shall make an interpretation in writing of said map upon request of any person pursuant to Chapter 18.300, Administration and Interpretations. Any person aggrieved by any such interpretation may appeal such interpretation to the hearings examiner under Title 19. The planning director, in interpreting the zoning map, or the hearings examiner in deciding any appeal, shall apply the following standards:

A.    Where district boundaries are indicated as approximately following the centerline of streets, alleys or highways, the actual centerline shall be construed to be the boundary.

B.    Where district boundaries are indicated as running approximately parallel to the centerline of a street, the boundary line shall be construed to be parallel to the centerline of the street.

C.    Where district boundaries are indicated as approximately following lot or tract lines, the actual lot or tract lines shall be construed to be the boundary lines of such use district.

D.    Unmapped shorelands shall be considered to be within the same land use district as the adjacent upland as shown on the zoning map.

E.    Where a public street or alley is officially vacated, the regulations applicable to the abutting property to which the vacated portion shall revert shall apply to such vacated street or alley.

F.    In case uncertainty exists which cannot be determined by application of the foregoing rules, the planning commission shall recommend, and the city council shall determine, the location of such use district boundaries. (Ord. 2013-04 § 2 (Exh. A (part)), 2013: Ord. 2003-10 § 1 (Exh. A, I(G)(5)), 2003. Formerly 18.12.050)