Chapter 3.58


3.58.010    Payment by check or warrant.

3.58.020    Depository designated.

3.58.030    Use of checks for warrants authorized.

3.58.010 Payment by check or warrant.

Effective January 1, 2008, the city of Prosser, Washington, shall pay claims or other obligations of the city by check if the paying fund is solvent. In the case the fund is not solvent, a warrant will be used. (Ord. 2584 § 1, 2007).

3.58.020 Depository designated.

The city designates AmericanWest Bank as the qualified public depository upon which such checks are to be drawn and the officers authorized to sign such checks shall be designated by resolution of the council. (Ord. 2584 § 2, 2007).

3.58.030 Use of checks for warrants authorized.

Where any ordinances of the city of Prosser, Washington, authorize the use of warrants for the payment of the claims and/or other obligations of the city, the use of checks for the payment of such claims or obligations is hereby authorized unless the fund from which the claim or other obligation of the city is to be paid is not solvent. (Ord. 2584 § 3, 2007).