Chapter 3.76


3.76.010    Fee established.

3.76.020    Future payments by alternate means.

3.76.010 Fee established.

There shall be assessed and collected from any issuer of a bank check which is returned to the city for nonpayment because of nonsufficient funds, closed account or other form of dishonor, a fee of twenty dollars for each bank check so returned. This shall be in addition to other amounts due and owing to the city. (Ord. 1801 § 1, 1995).

3.76.020 Future payments by alternate means.

Any person who has issued to the city more than one check returned for nonpayment in any six-month period may be required by the city clerk-finance director to make future payments in cash or by certified check, cashier’s check or money order. (Ord. 1801 § 2, 1995).