Chapter 21.02


21.02.010    Use of city facilities by community groups, athletic teams or private parties.

21.02.010 Use of city facilities by community groups, athletic teams or private parties.

A.    The mayor, or his or her designee, is hereby authorized to promulgate written policies and procedures for use of city facilities including, by way of example only, picnic shelters, athletic facilities, temporary use of streets, temporary use of parks, or the use of any other city-owned facility for use by community groups, athletic teams and private parties. The mayor is further authorized to promulgate forms for city facility use or lease agreements for such purposes, subject to approval by the city attorney. Such policies and procedures and forms shall require indemnity of the city and may require liability insurance with limits determined by the mayor to be sufficient to protect the city. The mayor is authorized to establish rules to determine when the city must require a certificate of liability insurance from applicants.

B.    Private for-profit events that infringe on the primary purpose of city parks to provide recreation for the public as a whole should generally not be allowed unless city council finds that such event would promote some other public purpose, such as promoting tourism or cultural values.

C.    The city council shall establish facility rental fees by passage of a separate resolution or ordinance. The mayor, or his or her designee, is authorized to establish policies and procedures for refunds of such fees up to the entire amount of the fee. If there is not a council-adopted fee for the use of a facility, then the city administrator under the direction of the mayor is authorized to enter into rental agreements for city facilities with an overall goal of recovering the city’s direct cost for providing the facility.

D.    This chapter shall not apply to persons who apply for and obtain a special event permit in accordance with Chapter 5.30. (Ord. 3059 § 1, 2018: Ord. 3056 § 1, 2018: Ord. 3005 § 1, 2017: Ord. 2867 § 1, 2014).