Chapter 2.04


2.04.010    Meetings.

2.04.020    Consent agenda – For routine business.

2.04.030    Consent agenda – Introduction.

2.04.040    Consent agenda – No debate.

2.04.050    Consent agenda – Removal.

2.04.060    Consent agenda – Approval.

2.04.065    Qualifications for council members.

2.04.070    Election of council members to districts.

2.04.080    City council – Medical benefits plan.

2.04.010 Meetings.

The city council and mayor shall meet regularly, at least once a month, at a place and at such times as may be designated by the city council through resolution or other final action. If a regular meeting is scheduled to occur on a legal holiday or at a time when the city is closed for business, the city council may reschedule the meeting to another time. (Ord. 2999 § 1, 2012; Ord. 2968 § 1, 2010; Ord. 2904 § 1, 2008; Ord. 2756 § 1, 2003; Ord. 2432 § 1, 1995; Ord. 1862, 1981; Ord. 1822 § 1, 1980).

2.04.020 Consent agenda – For routine business.

When the city manager and mayor determine that any item of business requires action by the council but is of a routine and noncontroversial nature, they may cause such item to be presented at a regular meeting of the council as part of a consent agenda. (Ord. 1842 § 1, 1980).

2.04.030 Consent agenda – Introduction.

The consent agenda shall be introduced by a motion “To approve the Consent Agenda,” and shall be considered by the council as a single item. (Ord. 1842 § 2, 1980).

2.04.040 Consent agenda – No debate.

There shall be no debate or discussion by any member of the council regarding any item on the current agenda, beyond asking questions for simple clarification. (Ord. 1842 § 3, 1980).

2.04.050 Consent agenda – Removal.

On objection by any member of the council to inclusion of any item on the consent agenda, that item shall be removed from the consent agenda forthwith. Such objection may be recorded at any time prior to the taking of a vote on the motion to approve the consent agenda. All such items shall be considered individually, in the order in which they were objected to, immediately following consideration of the consent agenda. (Ord. 1842 § 4, 1980).

2.04.060 Consent agenda – Approval.

Approval of the motion to approve the consent agenda shall be fully equivalent to approval, adoption, or enactment of each motion, resolution, ordinance, or other item of business thereon, exactly as if each had been acted upon individually. Where an ordinance is included on the consent agenda for final passage, the motion to approve the consent agenda shall be by roll call vote of council members present and voting. (Ord. 1842 § 5, 1980).

2.04.065 Qualifications for council members.

In addition to such qualifications as are established by Washington law for the office of council member, no person shall be allowed to serve as a council member, regardless of which council position an individual may be elected or appointed to serve in, for more than a cumulative total of 12 years. (Ord. 2975 § 2, 2011).

2.04.070 Election of council members to districts.

(1) There are designated two council member positions for each of the three council member districts within the city as established by this chapter, and there is further designated one position of council member at-large.

(2) The council member elected within each district shall be eligible to the office of council member within the district for which he/she is elected if he/she resides in that district on the date of his/her election and that the council member at-large shall reside within the corporate limits of the city on the date of his/her election.

(3) Each council member elected from the district will be elected solely from the qualified electors resident in such district for both primary and general elections, and the council member at-large will be elected from the qualified electors throughout the city in both the primary and general election.

(4) The removal of a council member from a district for which he/she was elected shall create a vacancy in such office. The removal of the council member at-large from within the corporate limits of the city shall create a vacancy in such office. (Ord. 2554 § 2, 1998; Ord. 1872, 1981).

2.04.080 City council – Medical benefits plan.

(1) Members of the city council of the city who request coverage under the city’s medical insurance plan shall be granted such coverage to be comprised of the following:

(a) Basic medical and major medical coverage for the councilperson and eligible dependents;

(b) Dental coverage for the councilperson and eligible dependents;

(c) Vision care plans for the councilperson and eligible dependents;

(d) Fifty thousand dollar life insurance policy for the councilperson. Additional insurance for the councilperson and eligible dependents may be covered at the councilperson’s option and expense; and

(e) Employee assistance plan.

(2) Consistent with previous action and budgets adopted since medical benefits were initially made available to council members in or about 1982, the total cost of such coverage shall be borne by the city and shall not be considered as an element of or form of salary within the jurisdiction of the city council salary commission, established in Chapter 2.05 PMC. (Ord. 2849 § 1, 2006; Ord. 2698 § 3, 2001).