Chapter 3.04


3.04.010    Warrant and check authority.

3.04.020    Expenditures and disbursements.

3.04.030    Disapproval of claims.

3.04.010 Warrant and check authority.

All warrants and checks shall be drawn and signed by any two of the following designated officers:

(1) City manager;

(2) City manager’s designee;

(3) Chief financial officer;

(4) Financial operations manager;

(5) City clerk. (Ord. 2433 § 1, 1995; Ord. 2037 § 1, 1984; Ord. 1272 § 1, 1956).

3.04.020 Expenditures and disbursements.

The auditing officer of the city of Puyallup is authorized to issue warrants or checks in payment of claims, as provided in RCW 42.24.180, before the city council has acted to approve the claims. The auditing officer shall cause to be submitted to the city council for approval a listing of all such checks or warrants issued in payment of claims at a regularly scheduled public meeting within one month of issuance, and shall provide for the review of supporting documentation by the city council. The city council may stipulate that certain kinds or amounts of claims shall not be paid before the council has reviewed the supporting documentation and approved the issue of checks or warrants in payment of those claims. (Ord. 2433 § 2, 1995).

3.04.030 Disapproval of claims.

The city council shall require that if, upon review, some claims are disapproved, the auditing officer and the officer designated to sign the checks or warrants shall jointly cause the disapproved claims to be recognized as receivables and to pursue collection diligently until the amounts disapproved are collected or until the city council is satisfied and approves the claims. (Ord. 2433 § 3, 1995).