Chapter 3.24


3.24.010    Creation.

3.24.020    Payments.

3.24.030    Expenditures.

3.24.010 Creation.

There is created in the city a special fund to be known as the community development grant fund. (Ord. 1916 § 1, 1982).

3.24.020 Payments.

Payments into the fund shall be discretionary funds received by way of reimbursements through the Pierce County office of community development for expenditures made in furtherance of approved community development projects. (Ord. 1916 § 2, 1982).

3.24.030 Expenditures.

Expenditures from the fund shall be made upon authority of the city council for projects approved as a part of the city’s comprehensive community development program. (Ord. 1916 § 3, 1982).