Chapter 3.48


3.48.010    Created.

3.48.020    Purpose.

3.48.030    Operation standards.

3.48.040    Maintenance and replenishment.

3.48.050    Transfer of moneys.

3.48.010 Created.

There is created in the city a fund to be known as the investigations revolving fund as an imprest fund of the current expense fund. The investigations revolving fund shall hereinafter in this chapter be referred to as the “fund”. (Ord. 2040 § 1, 1984).

3.48.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the fund shall be to provide confidential funds for the following three types of law enforcement undercover operations:

(1) Confidential investigative expenses are for the purchase of services and would include travel or transportation of an undercover officer or an informant. The lease of an apartment, business front, luxury-type automobiles, a boat, aircraft or similar effects to establish the appearance of affluence, credibility and a general atmosphere conducive to the undercover role would also be in this category. Meals, beverages, entertainment and similar expenses for undercover purposes, within reasonable limits, would also be included;

(2) Confidential funds for the purchase of evidence would include the purchase of evidence and/or contraband such as drugs, firearms, stolen property, etc., required to determine the existence of a crime or to establish the identity of a participant in a crime;

(3) Confidential funds for the purchase of specific information from informants. (Ord. 2040 § 2, 1984).

3.48.030 Operation standards.

The fund shall be operated in accordance with Chapter 3, Section E, on Petty Cash and Chapter 12, Section 7, on Confidential Investigations in accordance with the Manual of Accounting Procedures as established by the Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting Systems for the state of Washington as presently constituted or hereinafter amended. (Ord. 2040 § 5, 1984).

3.48.040 Maintenance and replenishment.

The fund will be maintained in a qualified public depositary as a checking account and advances to officials or employees will be by check. The fund will be replenished by warrant or check of the current expense fund in the manner of replenishing an imprest petty cash fund. (Ord. 2040 § 4, 1984).

3.48.050 Transfer of moneys.

There is authorized the transfer of $5,000 from the moneys of the general fund to the fund. (Ord. 2335 § 1, 1992; Ord. 2040 § 3, 1984).