Chapter 3.52


3.52.010    Created.

3.52.020    Purpose.

3.52.030    Payments.

3.52.040    Expenditures.

3.52.010 Created.

There is created a new fund to be included in the city’s accounting and reporting system to be known as the “capital improvement fund”. (Ord. 2068 § 1, 1985).

3.52.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the fund shall be for construction of capital projects and for the acquisition of equipment in accordance with the city’s capital improvement program, or for capital purchases for general governmental purposes through the city’s budgetary program. (Ord. 2068 § 2, 1985).

3.52.030 Payments.

Payments into the fund shall be from such sources of revenue as the council may, from time to time, authorize. (Ord. 2068 § 3, 1985).

3.52.040 Expenditures.

Expenditures from the fund shall be made upon authority of the city council for projects approved as part of the capital improvement program or the budget program. (Ord. 2068 § 4, 1985).