Chapter 3.64


3.64.010    Established.

3.64.020    Administration.

3.64.030    Deposit of monies.

3.64.040    Specific use requested by donor.

3.64.050    Acceptance of nonmonetary donations.

3.64.060    Prior nonmonetary donations.

3.64.010 Established.

There is hereby established a special fund, to be designated the “donations to Puyallup fund.” The purpose of this fund is to provide for the deposit and financial administration, including project accounting, of monetary and nonmonetary donations to the city and the expenditure and proper use thereof. (Ord. 2501 § 1, 1996).

3.64.020 Administration.

The finance department shall have the responsibility for the financial administration of the fund and shall maintain separate records of accounts showing receipts and disbursements for all donations and for all projects assigned to the fund. The department may also establish rules and regulations for the administration of the fund. (Ord. 2501 § 2, 1996).

3.64.030 Deposit of monies.

The city manager is hereby authorized to accept on behalf of the city all monetary donations to the city of Puyallup. All donations accepted by the city shall be deposited into the fund. The only exception to this section is monies donated to support the D.A.R.E. program. This program has established a fund for the collection of monetary donations. (Ord. 2501 § 3, 1996).

3.64.040 Specific use requested by donor.

In the event a donor has indicated a desire as to the use by the city of a donation, such donation shall, to the extent reasonably feasible, be assigned to a project consistent with the donor’s desired use. (Ord. 2501 § 4, 1996).

3.64.050 Acceptance of nonmonetary donations.

All nonmonetary donations with a current value greater than $25.00 and less than $500.00 must be approved by the city manager. All nonmonetary donations with value of $500.00 or more must be approved by the city council. Department directors/managers may approve in-kind donations supporting budgeted projects. The department accepting the donation will be required to detail all related future costs associated with the acceptance of the donation and submit the list of expenses to the approving authority with the donation request. (Ord. 2501 § 5, 1996).

3.64.060 Prior nonmonetary donations.

Any nonmonetary donations accepted prior to the adoption of the ordinance codified in the chapter may be transferred to this fund for tracking purposes. (Ord. 2501 § 6, 1996).