Chapter 9A.06


9A.06.010    Streets and sidewalks.

9A.06.010 Streets and sidewalks.

Every person who does the following is guilty of a misdemeanor:

(1) Places, allows to be placed or remain on any public sidewalk or street, personal property which constitutes an obstruction to the free use of the full width of said street or sidewalk. This shall not prohibit the parking of motor vehicles along public streets in permitted parking areas as designated by the city;

(2) Owns, leases, rents or is otherwise in control of real property adjacent to any sidewalk who fails to maintain the same free from accumulations of dirt, refuse or other material;

(3) Defaces or damages any curb, sidewalk or street in any manner whatsoever;

(4) Removes any barrier placed across a street or sidewalk by the city or who shall drive around, walk or ride around or otherwise passes around, over or through such a barrier, or who, without purpose reasonably calculated to safeguard the safety of persons or property, directs or attempts to direct traffic. (Ord. 2625 § 3, 1999; Ord. 2114 § 2, 1987).