Chapter 13.24


13.24.010    Required for sale – Lot repair.

13.24.010 Required for sale – Lot repair.

(1) No lots or graves will be sold in the Woodbine Cemetery without endowment care. Endowment care includes the upkeep of driveways and other improvements belonging to the cemetery, mowing grass whenever necessary, pruning shrubs and trees and such other work as shall be necessary.

(2) The city does not bind itself to maintain, repair, or replace any grave markers or monumental structures placed upon the lot. If such repairs or replacements are desired by the lot owner, such repairs or replacements will be made by a retail monument dealer. (Ord. 2735 § 1, 2002; Ord. 1237 § 1, 1955; Ord. 1192 § 7, 1953).