Chapter 14.22


14.22.010    Chapter applicability.

14.22.020    Application for service.

14.22.030    Pre-application and post-application conferences.

14.22.040    Application fee – Project costs and expenses.

14.22.050    Administrative approval or denial – Conditions of service.

14.22.060    Connection and system development charges – Utility rate surcharge.

14.22.070    Emergency service.

14.22.080    Compliance with other laws.

14.22.090    Appeals.

14.22.010 Chapter applicability.

This chapter applies to sewer or water service outside the city limits of the city of Puyallup. It governs requests for new service or material changes in existing service, including, for example, but not limited to, new connections, extensions or expansions of service, changes to customer classifications, changes to service connections, changes to service pipes and mains, and meter changes. (Ord. 2983 § 1, 2011).

14.22.020 Application for service.

(1) An applicant that seeks water or sewer service from the city outside Puyallup’s city limits, but within the city’s service area, shall submit a written application to the city for such service. The application shall be on a form provided by the city. The application shall contain the following information:

(a) The name and contact information of the applicant, and the owner, if the applicant is not the property owner. If the applicant is not the owner, then the applicant shall provide proof that the applicant has legal authority to act on behalf of the owner with respect to the application;

(b) The address and parcel number of the property at which the applicant seeks water or sewer service (the property);

(c) A clear request for a particular type of service;

(d) A full and complete description of the buildings, facilities, structures, projects, developments, activities, uses, purposes or other things for which the applicant seeks water or sewer service from the city. The description shall be sufficiently detailed so as to enable the city to determine whether service is available, and to address any related issues, such as, but not limited to, those concerning impacts to the city’s system, usage, supply line location, connections, fixture units, supply volume and pressure or fire flow;

(e) The date by which the applicant will be ready to receive service; and

(f) A full and complete description of any existing or previously existing service to the property.

(2) The applicant shall submit the following with the application for water or sewer service from the city outside its city limits:

(a) A complete copy of any relevant building, construction, project, development, activity, use or other permit that has been issued to the applicant by the appropriate governmental agency, along with all of its supporting documentation. Alternatively, if the appropriate governmental agency has conditioned approval of the permit on the issuance of a water or sewer availability letter or certificate by the city, then the city may choose to accept an application, which is substantially complete, for the permit with its supporting documentation.

(b) Upon request of the city, any other information or documents, including, but not limited to, writings, drawings, graphs, charts, photographs and other data compilations from which information can be obtained about the impacts to the city’s system, or the buildings, facilities, structures, projects, developments, activities, uses, purposes or other things for which the applicant seeks water or sewer service from the city. (Ord. 2983 § 1, 2011).

14.22.030 Pre-application and post-application conferences.

The applicant shall participate in pre-application and post-application conferences, if requested by the city. At any such conference, when requested by the city, the applicant shall provide information and documents to the city, and shall fully and candidly discuss the applicant’s request for service, and any related issues. (Ord. 2983 § 1, 2011).

14.22.040 Application fee – Project costs and expenses.

(1) The applicant shall pay an application fee to the city to reimburse the city for direct and indirect costs and expenses that it incurs in the application process, which may include, but are not limited to, review and analysis of the application or plans, drafting or preparing any related documents, city staff time, use of city resources, consultation expenses, professional service fees and administrative overhead.

(2) The fee shall be established based on the size of the project, and shall be commensurate with the fees charged by the city for site plan review or binding site plan review for small, medium and large commercial or multifamily projects. If the total costs and expenses incurred by the city exceed the fee amount, then the applicant shall reimburse the city for the additional costs and expenses.

(3) In addition to application fees, the applicants shall pay, and be responsible for, the full cost of any infrastructure, appurtenance or facility changes, additions or improvements, or any related project costs and expenses, that are reasonably necessary for the provision of the requested service, or are required by the city as a condition of providing service. The applicant shall pay such costs or expenses when directed to do so by the city.

(4) If the process of providing water or sewer service requires permits or approvals from other entities, including but not limited to Pierce County, then the applicant, by submitting an application for service to the city, authorizes the city to acquire any necessary permits, and the applicant shall pay and be responsible for the cost of the permits or approvals. (Ord. 2983 § 1, 2011).

14.22.050 Administrative approval or denial – Conditions of service.

(1) Upon submission of a completed application, provision of any required additional information or studies, payment of the application fee, payment of costs and expenses, or arrangements for payment that satisfy the city, the director of development services or designee shall administratively approve or deny the application for service.

(2) The director or designee shall have authority to impose any reasonable service conditions, and require the applicant to enter into a utility extension agreement. An applicant or service recipient shall fully satisfy any such service conditions, and perform its obligations under any such agreement. If a service recipient fails to continue to satisfy any condition of service, or breaches the agreement, then the city may terminate service after providing notice and a reasonable opportunity to cure, and pursue all remedies that exist in law or in equity. (Ord. 2983 § 1, 2011).

14.22.060 Connection and system development charges – Utility rate surcharge.

The applicant shall pay connection and/or tapping, and system development charges or fees at the same rate for properties within the city limits. A property that receives water or sewer service from the city outside its city limits shall pay a utility rate as established pursuant to PMC 14.01.035. (Ord. 3088 § 1, 2015; Ord. 3042 § 4, 2013; Ord. 2983 § 1, 2011).

14.22.070 Emergency service.

In the event of an emergency that materially affects a well, water supply system, sewer or septic system within the city’s UGA or water or sewer service area, the city may provide emergency service to the property that has experienced the emergency. Applicants for emergency service shall comply with application procedure in this chapter; provided, that the director or designee shall have the authority to waive application requirements when reasonably justified by the circumstances of the emergency. The director or designee shall have full discretion and authority to determine whether an emergency exists, and to approve or deny emergency service. (Ord. 2983 § 1, 2011).

14.22.080 Compliance with other laws.

In addition to the foregoing, the applicant shall comply with any other applicable laws, regulations and rules. (Ord. 2983 § 1, 2011).

14.22.090 Appeals.

Decisions of the city made pursuant to this chapter shall be administrative decisions, as identified in PMC 2.54.070, and may be appealed only to the city’s hearing examiner. Any such appeal shall be effectuated by filing a notice of appeal with the city within 10 business days from the date the written decision was made. The notice of appeal shall clearly identify or include a copy of the decision that is being appealed. Fees associated with the appeal shall be paid to the city upon filing of the appeal in accordance with a fee schedule established pursuant to Chapter 1.13 PMC or other council action. (Ord. 2983 § 1, 2011).