Chapter 16.10


16.10.010    Certificate of fitness – Required.

16.10.020    Certificate – Application.

16.10.030    Certificate – Expiration and renewal.

16.10.040    Notice of cancellation – Hearing – Appeal.

16.10.050    Penalty for violation.

16.10.010 Certificate of fitness – Required.

It is unlawful for any person or persons engaging in the business of selling, installing, repairing or recharging any first aid fire fighting equipment in the city to install, repair or recharge such equipment until such person has first obtained from the chief of the fire department a certificate of fitness. (Ord. 2561 § 1, 1998).

16.10.020 Certificate – Application.

Every person desiring to obtain a certificate of fitness shall make application in writing to the chief of the fire department, shall be over 18 years of age, and shall have taken and secured a passing grade from a certification agency recognized and acceptable to the chief of the fire department. A copy of such certification shall be provided to the city of Puyallup fire department. Examination shall cover the general field of first aid fire fighting equipment as detailed in Pamphlet #10, Standards for Portable Fire Extinguishers. After complying with these qualifications, and securing a current business license issued by the city of Puyallup clerk’s office and copy of such business license provided to the fire department, will applicant then be allowed to perform service within the city’s limits. (Ord. 2561 § 1, 1998).

16.10.030 Certificate – Expiration and renewal.

All expired certificates of fitness shall be renewed upon application to the chief of the fire department after renewal from the original or any other certification agency accepted by the chief of the fire department and copy of such renewal provided to the city of Puyallup fire department. (Ord. 2561 § 1, 1998).

16.10.040 Notice of cancellation – Hearing – Appeal.

Whenever the chief of the fire department finds that any person holding a certificate of fitness has failed to use reasonable care in the servicing, inspection and installation of first aid fire fighting equipment, he shall give the licensee a notice in writing that his license will be canceled. The licensee shall have the right to a hearing before the city council before such license shall be revoked. In event the city council finds cause to revoke the license, they shall give the licensee 10 days in which to appeal to the superior court of Pierce County; then, should he fail to appeal, the decision of the council shall be final. (Ord. 2561 § 1, 1998).

16.10.050 Penalty for violation.

Any person who violates the terms of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed $1,000 and imprisonment not to exceed 30 days. (Ord. 2561 § 1, 1998).


Code reviser’s note: Ord. 2561 recodifies this chapter from Chapter 5.20 PMC.