Chapter 18.30


18.30.010    Words and phrases defined.

18.30.010 Words and phrases defined.

“Amendment” means an individual or set of revisions and additions to the text and/or maps of the adopted comprehensive plan considered by the planning agency and city council no more frequently than once every calendar year, or whenever an emergency exists, as specified in Chapter 36.70A.130 RCW and PMC 18.40.080.

“City-initiated planning program” means a planning program begun by resolution of the city council or planning agency addressing a geographic sub-area of the city’s urban growth area (such as a neighborhood or urban design plan). These programs involve continuous opportunities for public participation and their products may be considered for adoption as part of the comprehensive plan at any time during the year.

“Planning agency” means an appointed group serving in an advisory capacity to the city council pertaining to preparation of the comprehensive plan or any element thereof, except for the capital facilities plan element. The planning commission shall serve as the planning agency to consider adoption of and amendments to all elements of the comprehensive plan except for the capital facilities plan and the parks, recreation and open space elements. The parks and recreation board shall serve as the planning agency for the parks, recreation and open space element. Amendments to the capital facilities plan element shall be considered by the city council without requiring prior recommendation from the planning commission. (Ord. 2508 § 1, 1997; Ord. 2457 § 1, 1995; Ord. 2438 § 1, 1995; Ord. 2352 § 1, 1993).