Chapter 19.06


19.06.010    Purpose.

19.06.020    Scope.

19.06.030    Approval criteria.

19.06.040    Application.

19.06.050    Review procedures.

19.06.055    Lot segregations.

19.06.060    Requirement for recording.

19.06.070    Expiration.

19.06.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to specify the circumstances, conditions and the process by which contiguous parcels may be combined or consolidated into larger parcels for ownership, development or redevelopment. (Ord. 2591 § 2, 1999).

19.06.020 Scope.

The combination of two or more contiguous parcels can only be accomplished under the provisions of this chapter except as provided under RCW 58.17.040. Contiguous parcels may be combined for purposes of ownership, development or redevelopment. These provisions do not apply to combination or consolidation of tax parcels for taxing purposes only as approved by the county assessor. Parcel combinations are distinguished from boundary line adjustments which retain portions of the original parcels as separate lots or tracts, or short plats, subdivisions or replats, which result in the creations of more than one parcel, lot or tract.

Circumstances under which contiguous parcels would be required to be combined as a condition of city development plan approval are as follows:

(1) When an existing or proposed structure extends over a property line;

(2) When contiguous parcels share common facilities including but not limited to access, parking, utilities, open space, landscaping, signage, etc., for which no easements or other legal instruments exist to ensure continuous ownership, use and maintenance of such facilities;

(3) When a parcel proposed for development contains insufficient area dimensions or frontage on a public street, to meet the minimum area, dimensions or other city requirements, and is contiguous to one or more parcels of the same ownership, and cannot be made to comply with city requirements by application of a boundary line adjustment;

Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit a property owner from combining multiple contiguous parcels under single ownership provided the combination is performed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 2591 § 2, 1999).

19.06.030 Approval criteria.

Lot combinations shall not be approved, if approval would result in one or more of the following:

(1) Create any additional lot, tract, parcel, site or division;

(2) Result in a lot, tract, parcel, site or division which contains increased density or insufficient area or dimension to meet the minimum requirements for area and dimension as set forth in the land use and health codes and regulations, except as permitted in accordance with the nonconforming lots of record provisions set forth in PMC 19.12.080;

(3) Diminish or impair drainage, water supply, existing sanitary sewage disposal, and access or easement for vehicles, utilities, and fire protection for any lot, tract, parcel, site or division;

(4) Diminish any easement or deprive any parcel of access or utilities, unless alternate easements, access or utilities can be satisfactorily provided;

(5) Replat or vacate a plat or short subdivision;

(6) Amend the conditions of approval for previously platted property;

(7) Includes property currently not annexed to the city; or

(8) Extend or increase the use of city utilities previously granted under an approved pre-annexation utility extension agreement. (Ord. 2591 § 2, 1999).

19.06.040 Application.

Applications for lot combinations shall be submitted on forms provided by the city of Puyallup community development department. The completed application shall be submitted to the community development department, and shall include the information specified in PMC 19.02.100 and any other information as may be required by the Pierce County auditor as a condition of recording. (Ord. 2591 § 2, 1999).

19.06.050 Review procedures.

The community development department shall not be considered to be in receipt of a complete application unless and until such time as the applicant meets the requirements of PMC 19.07.040, and shall be subject to the following:

(1) Prior to approval, a proposed lot combination or consolidation shall be reviewed by the public works director and community development director or their designees;

(2) The community development director or designee, with the concurrence of the public works director or designee, shall approve the proposed lot combination or consolidation only upon finding that the standards of this chapter have been satisfied; and

(3) The approval of the lot combination or consolidation shall not be a guarantee that future permits will be granted for any structure or development within a lot affected by the combination or consolidation. (Ord. 2591 § 2, 1999).

19.06.055 Lot segregations.

Lots which were combined previously shall not be re-segregated or otherwise re-subdivided without filing application under the provisions of PMC Title 19. Except that lots which are combined “for tax purposes only” through the Pierce County assessor-treasurer’s office may be re-segregated through process and forms available through the assessor’s office only. (Ord. 3203 § 3, 2019).

19.06.060 Requirement for recording.

All approved lot combinations or consolidations shall be recorded with the Pierce County auditor following approval by the city and compliance with Pierce County requirements. (Ord. 2591 § 2, 1999).

19.06.070 Expiration.

An approved lot combination or consolidation shall be recorded within 30 days of city approval, or the lot combination or consolidation shall be null and void. (Ord. 2591 § 2, 1999).