Chapter 20.51


20.51.000    DRO zone.

20.51.005    Description and purpose.

20.51.010    Designation of design review overlay zone areas.

20.51.013    Permitted and conditionally permitted uses.

20.51.015    Design review approvals required.

20.51.018    Applicability to single-family dwellings.

20.51.020    Application required.

20.51.025    Action by the director.

20.51.030    Appeal of planning director’s action.

20.51.035    Expiration.

20.51.000 DRO zone.

The DRO design review overlay zone is established. Properties so designated shall be subject to the provisions contained in this chapter. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.51.005 Description and purpose.

The DRO zone is intended to apply to areas of the community that have existing or potential architectural or historical significance worthy of preservation or enhancement. As an overlay zone, it establishes regulations in addition to those prescribed by the underlying zone. The DRO zone shall be applied only to an area, district or neighborhood for which specific architectural or site design criteria have been established. Each area so designated shall have its own set of criteria intended to accomplish any of the following:

(1) To preserve, enhance and contribute to the value of significant environmental features and public open spaces;

(2) To preserve, enhance and contribute to the value of significant historical structures or districts;

(3) To preserve, enhance and contribute to a recognizable and desirable architectural character present or proposed in a particular district;

(4) To preserve, enhance and contribute to the visual appearance of prominent areas of the community. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.51.010 Designation of design review overlay zone areas.

Any area of the city may be placed in the DRO zone pursuant to Chapter 20.90 PMC if such designation would be consistent with the description and purpose of the DRO zone. Prior to such designation, the planning director shall prepare a list of architectural and site design criteria applicable to the specific area under consideration and present such criteria to the planning commission for its advisory action and to the city council for its consideration at public hearings conducted pursuant to Chapter 20.12 PMC. The city council may approve, modify or deny the DRO zone designation and concurrent adoption of such criteria to the designated DRO-zoned area. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.51.013 Permitted and conditionally permitted uses.

All uses permitted or conditionally permitted within the underlying zone shall be permitted or conditionally permitted, respectively, in the DRO zone. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.51.015 Design review approvals required.

Upon approval of specific design criteria pursuant to PMC 20.51.010, all exterior modifications, alterations, enlargements or construction of buildings and structures in the DRO zone shall comply with the applicable criteria, and may be undertaken only after design review approval by the director, or board of adjustment on appeal. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.51.018 Applicability to single-family dwellings.

Except where specifically required by the adopted design criteria for a DRO-zoned area, the modifications, alteration, enlargement or construction of single-family dwellings intended for single-family residential use shall not be subject to the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.51.020 Application required.

Any proponent, agent or sponsor of any exterior modification, alteration, enlargement or construction of buildings or structures in the DRO zone for which design criteria have been established shall file a design review application with the planning director. Said application shall contain the following:

(1) A site plan, drawn to scale, showing the proposed action including existing improvements, driveways, walks, off-street parking, landscaping, fences and walls;

(2) Architectural drawings or sketches of the proposed action, drawn to scale, including building elevations, floor plans, proposed signs and exterior surface materials and colors;

(3) A landscape plan, drawn to scale showing the locations of existing and proposed plant materials. Plans should indicate varieties and sizes of proposed plant materials and any other landscape features including sprinkler and irrigation systems;

(4) Such other data as may be required by the director to ensure that the purposes of this chapter are satisfied. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.51.025 Action by the director.

Upon the filing of a properly completed application for design review, the director shall mail to all adjacent property owners a notice concerning the application and indicating the date a decision will be made. Within 15 days of receipt of a properly completed application, the director shall act to approve, return for modification or deny the application, and shall notify the applicant and adjacent property owners. The director’s decision shall take into consideration any written comments received in a timely manner, and shall be supported by written findings of fact showing whether the proposed modification, alteration, enlargement or construction is consistent with the approved design criteria applicable to the particular DRO district in which the subject property is located. Where necessary to ensure consistency, the director, or the hearing examiner on appeal, may impose reasonable conditions upon approval. (Ord. 2268 § 35, 1991; Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.51.030 Appeal of planning director’s action.

The decision of the director may be appealed by the applicant or by an adjacent property owner, provided that such appeal must be filed with the planning department within 10 business days of proper mailing of the director’s decision as provided by PMC 20.51.025. Any appeal of a design review application decision shall be considered a request for interpretation and processed as an interpretation review pursuant to Chapter 20.87 PMC. (Ord. 2268 § 36, 1991; Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.51.035 Expiration.

Any design review approval granted by the director or hearing examiner on appeal shall become null and void if not exercised within one year of the date of approval. (Ord. 2268 § 37, 1991; Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).