Chapter 20.91


20.91.001    Scope and purpose.

20.91.005    Authority to amend this title.

20.91.010    Consistency with comprehensive plan.

20.91.020    Planning commission recommendation required.

20.91.025    Public meeting required.

20.91.030    Ordinance required.

20.91.001 Scope and purpose.

The intent of this chapter is to detail the procedures and responsibilities of the planning commission and the city council in the processing and consideration of amendments to this title. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.91.005 Authority to amend this title.

Upon the filing of a proper application for amendment, pursuant to Chapter 20.10 PMC and the provisions of this chapter, the city council shall have the authority to amend this title. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.91.010 Consistency with comprehensive plan.

Any action amending this title shall be principally based upon the consistency of such amendment with the goals, objectives and policies of the comprehensive plan. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.91.020 Planning commission recommendation required.

Before the city council may grant, modify or deny any application for amendment, it must first receive and consider a recommendation on such application from the planning commission. Before the planning commission acts to make a recommendation on such application it shall conduct a duly noticed public hearing pursuant to Chapter 20.12 PMC. Said recommendation shall be based upon the provisions of PMC 20.91.010. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.91.025 Public meeting required.

Before the city council may grant, modify or deny any application for amendment, the council shall conduct a public meeting to consider the planning commission’s recommendation and record of its public hearing for such application. Upon completion of said meeting, the council shall grant, modify or deny said amendment application in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. The council may, after conducting a public meeting for the application, refer the application back to the commission for reconsideration. (Ord. 2704 § 1, 2001; Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).

20.91.030 Ordinance required.

Amendments to this title shall require the adoption of an ordinance pursuant to the municipal code and state law. (Ord. 2147 Exh. A, 1987).