2.08.010    Departments.

2.08.015    Exempt/excluded employees. Revised 2/18

2.08.020    Appointment.

2.08.025    Compensation.

2.08.030    Discipline and removal.

2.08.040    Duties.

Prior legislation: Ords 782 and 93-17.

2.08.010 Departments.

Administration of the City’s business shall be through Departments of the City, organized and supervised by the Mayor, approved by resolution of the Council, which shall be directed by the following "Department Heads": City Administrator; Police Chief; Public Works Director; Finance Officer/Clerk; Building Official; Maintenance Supervisor; Recreation Director and City Engineer. (Ord 10-276 §1; Ord 08-250 §1; Ord 07-221 §1; Ord 07-200 §2, Ord 01-81 §1: Ord 93-11 §1: Ord 777 §1, 1989)

2.08.015 Exempt/excluded employees. Revised 2/18

A. Exempt Employees.  Exempt Employees are those persons appointed and employed by the City in positions that make them exempt from the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and its corresponding regulations. Exempt Employees include the Department Heads; Police Captain; and Safety Coordinator.

B. Excluded Employees.  Excluded Employees are those persons appointed to and employed by the City in positions whose duties require that they not be members of a union, but who are also not Exempt Employees, and include Deputy Finance Officer/Deputy Clerk; Code Enforcement Officer; Executive Assistant; Administrative Assistant; Recreation Coordinator; Community Service Officer; and Animal Shelter Manager. (Ord 17-503 §1; Ord 12-298 §1; Ord 11-291 §1; Ord 10-276 §1; Ord 09-273 §1; Ord 07-200 §2)

2.08.020 Appointment.

The Exempt and Excluded Employees shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall be confirmed by a majority of the whole Council before assuming office. Department Heads shall reside within the corporate limits of the City within ninety days of the confirmation of their appointment by the City Council, unless otherwise extended by the Council, or waived by the City Council when the circumstances of the Department Head not residing within the corporate limits of the City outweigh the needs of the City in otherwise requiring residence within the City’s corporate limits. (Ord 10-276 §1; Ord 07-200 §2, Ord 01-81 §2, 2001: Ord 94-12 §1; Ord 93-11 §2, 1993: Ord 807 §1, 1991: Ord 792 §1, 1989: Ord 777 §1, 1989)

2.08.025 Compensation.

The Council shall establish salaries for Exempt and Excluded Employees annually as part of the final budget, considering the Mayor’s recommendations. (Ord 10-276 §1; Ord 07-200 §2)

2.08.030 Discipline and removal.

Exempt and Excluded Employees shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor, who may remove them with or without cause, and may otherwise discipline them, according to standards established in Personnel Policies adopted by the Council. (Ord 10-276 §1; Ord 07-200 §2, Ord 93-11 §3; Ord 792 §2, 1989; Ord 777 §1, 1989)

2.08.040 Duties.

The duties of the Exempt and Excluded Employees shall be established by resolution of the Council. (Ord 10-276 §1; Ord 07-200 §2)