5.36.010    Permit required.

5.36.020    Application – Issuance – Posting.

5.36.030    Hours.

5.36.040    Permits issued without charge.

5.36.050    Requirement exceptions.

5.36.060    Types of permits.

5.36.070    Orderly conduct required.

5.36.075    Revocation of permit.

5.36.080    Violation – Civil penalty.

5.36.090    Denial – Appeal.

5.36.010 Permit required.

All persons, firms, corporations, or associations, clubs, or otherwise, before holding any dance which shall be open to the general public, or to its members, except as otherwise hereinafter provided, shall, before holding any dance within the City, apply to the Chief of Police for a dance permit five working days before the date of the dance. (Ord 753 §1, 1988: Ord 356 §1, 1964)

5.36.020 Application – Issuance – Posting.

A. The person making application for a dance permit shall submit an application to the Chief of Police on a form to be provided by the police department. The applicant shall provide any information the Chief of Police, or his designee, requires to process the application. The Chief of Police, or his designee, shall not issue a permit for a dance if the application does not provide that the applicant will furnish adequate and responsible adult supervision at all times during the dance.

B. The Chief of Police, or his designee, shall review the application to determine if it complies with this chapter. If the application requests a permit for a dance where a live band is to perform and/or if alcoholic beverages will be available on the premises where the dance is to be held, the Chief of Police, or his designee, in his discretion, may, as a condition of granting a permit, require the applicant to employ off-duty police officers or police reserve officers to provide supervision during the dance. The applicant shall pay the officers ten dollars per hour.

C. After receipt of an application, the Chief of Police shall review the application and issue or deny the permit within five working days after receipt of the completed application. If the application is denied; the reasons for the denial shall be set forth in writing.

D. If a permit for a dance is granted, the applicant shall conspicuously post a copy of the permit on the premises where the dance is held. (Ord 753 §1, 1988: Ord 356 §2, 1964)

5.36.030 Hours.

The hours during which dancing shall be permitted under any permit issued pursuant to this chapter shall be as follows:

1. Monday through Sunday: eight a.m., of each day until two a.m., of the next successive day;

2. On New Year’s Eve from eight a.m., December 31st, until three a.m., January 1st. (Ord 571 §1, 1980: Ord 382 §1, 1967: Ord 356 §3, 1964)

5.36.040 Permits issued without charge.

Dance permits shall be issued without charge. (Ord 356 §4, 1964)

5.36.050 Requirement exceptions.

Permits shall not be required for dances held in the public schools within the City if the dance is sponsored and chaperoned by school authorities. (Ord 753 §1, 1988: Ord 356 §5, 1964)

5.36.060 Types of permits.

Permits shall be of two kinds:

1. Continuous until revoked;

2. Limited to specific occasions. (Ord 356 §6, 1964)

5.36.070 Orderly conduct required.

The applicant to whom any permit is issued whether the same be continuous or for a specific occasion shall be deemed to be responsible for orderly conduct within and about the premises upon which the dance is being conducted.

5.36.075 Revocation of permit.

The Chief of Police, or his designee, is authorized to revoke a dance permit, if, at any time during the dance, the Chief of Police, or his designee, determines that the conduct of any person, or persons, in attendance at the dance, endangers or is likely to endanger, the health, safety or welfare of any other person or persons. If the Chief of Police revokes the dance permit, those persons in attendance must vacate the premises or disperse from the area immediately. (Ord 753 §2, 1988)

5.36.080 Violation – Civil penalty.

Any person violating any provision of this chapter shall be deemed to have committed a civil infraction and shall be punished as provided in Section 1.01.110(A). (Ord 613 §2, 1982: Ord 356 §8, 1964)

5.36.090 Denial – Appeal.

Any applicant denied a permit by the Chief of Police shall have a right of appeal to the City Council. The applicant shall, within ten days of mailing by the Chief of Police of notice of denial, give a notice of appeal to the Finance Officer/Clerk, in writing. The Finance Officer/Clerk shall place the applicant’s appeal on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting occurring more than five days after receipt of the notice of appeal, and inform the applicant in writing of the date, time and location of the meeting. The City Council shall allow the applicant to present testimony. The council shall then either issue or deny the permit. The council’s decision shall be final. (Ord 753 §2, 1989)