20A.10 Preface

20A.10.10    Title.

20A.10.15    Authority.

20A.10.20    Legislative Intent.

20A.10.25    Severability.

20A.10.10 Title.

This document shall be known and may be cited as the Community Development Guide, Redmond Development Guide, or by its short title as the Development Guide. (Formerly 20A.10.000)

20A.10.15 Authority.

The Redmond Development Guide is enacted under the authority granted to the City of Redmond by the Constitution of the State of Washington, the Optional Municipal Code (RCW Title 35A) and other sections of the Revised Code of Washington. (Formerly 20A.20.000)

20A.10.20 Legislative Intent.

The intent of the Community Development Guide is to provide a comprehensive program with which the citizens of the City can guide the development of their community in a logical and orderly manner, maintain a quality environment and provide for the conservation, protection and enhancement of the public health, safety and general welfare. In carrying out the intent, the Development Guide establishes goals, policies, and plans for the land use and development of the community. It provides for the implementation of the goals, policies, and plans through the adoption, administration and enforcement of plans, regulations, procedures, capital improvements and municipal services and programs.

The Development Guide shall be used as a basis for the continual reviewing and revising of the City’s land use and development goals, policies, regulations and procedures. It shall be the basis for designating land use zones, applying development and shoreline requirements, and guiding development in areas presently outside the City but which may be annexed subsequent to the adoption of the Development Guide. The Development Guide is to be used as a guide by other government agencies when taking action within the Redmond Planning Area. (Formerly 20A.30.000)

20A.10.25 Severability.

The Community Development Guide enacted under divisions, chapters, sections, clauses and other portions, is declared to be severable. If any division, chapter, section, paragraph, clause or other portion or any part adopted by reference is for any reason held to be invalid or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity or unconstitutionality shall not affect the validity or constitutionality of the remaining portions of the Development Guide. If any division, chapter, section, paragraph, clause or any portion is adjudged invalid or unconstitutional as applied to a particular property, use, building or other structure, the application of such portion of the Development Guide to other property, use, buildings or structures shall not be affected. (Formerly 20A.40.000)