20C.40.10    Downtown Districts.

20C.40.10-010    Purpose.

20C.40.10-020    Old Town (OT).

20C.40.10-030    Town Center (TWNC).

20C.40.10-040    Valley View (VV), Trestle (TR), and Bear Creek (BC).

20C.40.10-050    Sammamish Trail (SMT), Town Square (TSQ), Anderson Park (AP), and River Bend (RVBD).

20C.40.10-060    River Trail (RVT), Carter (CTR), and East Hill (EH).

20C.40.20    Permitted Land Uses.

20C.40.20-010    Permitted Land Uses Chart.

20C.40.20-015    Downtown Districts Map.

20C.40.20-020    Downtown Definition of Uses.

20C.40.20-030    Permitted Land Uses.

20C.40.30    Reserved.

20C.40.35    Height Limit Overlay Area.

20C.40.35-010    Purpose.

20C.40.35-020    Building Height Restrictions.

20C.40.35-030    Permitted Uses.

20C.40.35-040    General Provisions.

20C.40.40    Site Requirements.

20C.40.40-010    General.

20C.40.40-020    Site Requirements.

20C.40.40-030    Administrative Design Flexibility (ADF).

20C.40.40-040    Maximum FAR and Height without TDRs.

20C.40.40-045    Site Requirements.

20C.40.40-050    Reserved.

20C.40.45    Residential Development in Downtown District.

20C.40.45-010    Purpose.

20C.40.45-020    Downtown Residential Density Chart.

20C.40.50    Residential Lot Coverage.

20C.40.50-010    General.

20C.40.50-020    Exemptions.

20C.40.55    Residential Yard Requirements.

20C.40.55-010    Purpose.

20C.40.55-020    Measurement.

20C.40.55-030    Permitted Structures in Required Yard Areas.

20C.40.55-040    Front Yards.

20C.40.55-050    Side Yards.

20C.40.55-060    Rear Yards.

20C.40.55-070    Distance Between Buildings.

20C.40.60    Residential Usable Open Space.

20C.40.60-010    General.

20C.40.60-020    Open Space Size and Dimensions.

20C.40.60-025    Use of In-Lieu Fee for Downtown Open Space.

20C.40.60-030    Combining Usable Open Space and Pedestrian Access.

20C.40.60-040    Screening of Open Space.

20C.40.60-050    On-Site Recreational Amenities.

20C.40.65    Residential Privacy Standards.

20C.40.65-010    Intent.

20C.40.65-020    Applicability.

20C.40.65-030    Standards.

20C.40.65-040    Public Corridors.

20C.40.70    Minimum Residential Courtyard Dimensions.

20C.40.70-010    Intent.

20C.40.70-020    Requirements.

20C.40.75    Residential Access Building.

20C.40.75-010    Purpose.

20C.40.75-020    Front Entry.

20C.40.78    Ground Floor Residential Uses on Type Va Pedestrian Streets.

20C.40.78-010    Intent.

20C.40.78-020    Requirements.

20C.40.80    Required Residential Facade Modulation and Exterior Building Treatment.

20C.40.80-010    Purpose.

20C.40.80-020    Front and Side Street Facades.

20C.40.80-030    Interior Facades.

20C.40.80-040    Modulation Standards.

20C.40.85    Residential Parking and Access.

20C.40.85-010    Parking Quantity.

20C.40.85-020    Access to Parking.

20C.40.85-030    Location of Parking.

20C.40.90    Residential Screening.

20C.40.90-010    Mechanical Equipment.

20C.40.90-020    Utility Meters.

20C.40.90-030    Parking.

20C.40.90-040    Trash Receptacles.

20C.40.95    Residential Landscaping.

20C.40.95-010    Requirements.

20C.40.100    Residential Density Bonus.

20C.40.100-010    Semi- and Full-Subterranean Parking.

20C.40.100-020    Affordable Housing.

20C.40.100-030    Senior Housing.

20C.40.105    Downtown Pedestrian System.

20C.40.105-010    Purpose.

20C.40.105-020    Installation of Pedestrian System.

20C.40.105-030    Pedestrian System Description.

20C.40.105-040    Easements/Dedications.

20C.40.105-050    Permitted Encroachments.

20C.40.105-060    Width Measured from Back of Curb.

20C.40.105-070    Construction Standards.

20C.40.105-080    Driveway Crossings.

20C.40.105-090    Access to Buildings.

20C.40.105-100    Interior Block Pedestrian System.

20C.40.105-110    Variations Exceeding Standards.

20C.40.105-120    Variations Not Meeting Standards.

20C.40.110    Downtown Street Tree Plan.

20C.40.110-010    General.

20C.40.110-020    Requirements.

20C.40.115    Downtown Design Guidelines.