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Citywide Regulations

20D.10    Purpose

20D.20    Adult Entertainment

20D.30    Affordable Housing

20D.40    Design Standards

20D.42    Design Standards for Public View Corridors and Gateways

20D.45    Dredging Standards

20D.50    Fences

20D.55    Hazardous Liquid Pipelines

20D.56    High Capacity Transit Corridor Preservation

20D.57    Historic and Archeological Resources

20D.60    Impact Fees

20D.70    Landfills

20D.80    Landscaping and Tree Protection

20D.90    Exterior Lighting Standards

20D.95    Limitations on External Effects of Uses (Performance Standards)

20D.97    Master Planned Development

20D.100    Noise Standards

20D.110    Open Space and Recreation

20D.120    Outdoor Storage and Service Areas

20D.130    Parking Standards

20D.140    Critical Areas

20D.150    Shoreline Master Program

20D.160    Signs

20D.170    Special Uses

20D.180    Subdivision Regulations

20D.190    Temporary Uses

20D.200    Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Program

20D.210    Transportation Standards

20D.220    Utility Standards

20D.230    Transition Overlay Areas

20D.240    Transit Supportive Development