20D.140 Critical Areas*

20D.140.10    Critical Areas.

20D.140.10-010    Purpose and Intent.

20D.140.10-020    Applicability – Regulated Activities.

20D.140.10-030    Exemptions.

20D.140.10-040    Critical Areas Maps.

20D.140.10-050    Relationship to Other Regulations.

20D.140.10-060    Permit Process and Application Requirements.

20D.140.10-070    Alteration or Development of Critical Areas – Standards and Criteria.

20D.140.10-080    General Mitigation Standard.

20D.140.10-090    Other Appropriate Mitigation Actions.

20D.140.10-100    Proposed Developments.

20D.140.10-110    Mitigation Standards, Criteria and Plan Requirements.

20D.140.10-120    Performance Standards for Mitigation Planning.

20D.140.10-130    Approved Mitigation Projects – Signature.

20D.140.10-140    Approved Mitigation Projects – Contingency Planning.

20D.140.10-150    Monitoring Program and Contingency Plan.

20D.140.10-160    Buffer Areas.

20D.140.10-170    Buffer Width Variances.

20D.140.10-180    General Critical Area Protective Measures.

20D.140.10-190    Reasonable Use Provision.

20D.140.10-200    Public Project Reasonable Use Provision.

20D.140.20    Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas.

20D.140.20-010    Classification and Rating of Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas.

20D.140.20-020    Stream Buffers.

20D.140.20-030    Alteration of Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas – Generally.

20D.140.20-040    Alteration of Riparian Stream Corridors.

20D.140.20-050    Alteration of Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas.

20D.140.20-060    Riparian Stream Corridor Performance Standards.

20D.140.20-070    Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Area Performance Standards.

20D.140.30    Wetlands.

20D.140.30-010    Classification and Rating of Wetlands.

20D.140.30-020    Wetland Buffers.

20D.140.30-030    Alteration of Wetlands.

20D.140.30-040    Wetlands Performance/Design Standards.

20D.140.40    Frequently Flooded Areas.

20D.140.40-010    Classification and Rating of Frequently Flooded Areas.

20D.140.40-020    Alteration of Frequently Flooded Areas.

20D.140.40-030    Flood Hazard Areas – Development Standards.

20D.140.50    Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas.

20D.140.50-010    Classification and Rating of Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas.

20D.140.50-020    Alteration of Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas.

20D.140.50-030    Prohibited Activities in Wellhead Protection Zones.

20D.140.50-040    Wellhead Protection Zone Performance Standards.

20D.140.60    Geologically Hazardous Areas.

20D.140.60-010    Classification and Rating of Geologically Hazardous Areas.

20D.140.60-020    Landslide Hazard Area Buffers.

20D.140.60-030    Alteration of Geologically Hazardous Areas – Generally.

20D.140.60-040    Alteration of Geologically Hazardous Areas.

20D.140.60-050    Geologically Hazardous Area Performance Standards.

20D.140.70    Procedures.

20D.140.70-010    Procedural Provisions.

20D.140.70-020    Severability.

*Prior legislation: Former Code 20C.40, Ords. 1693, 1929, 1955, 2095 and 2180.