20D.170.25 Banks with Multiple Drive-Through Facilities.

20D.170.25-010 Purpose.

Banks with multiple drive-through facilities that are in districts requiring special use permits shall be subject to review as outlined in RCDG Title 20F, Administration and Procedures, and conditions as outlined below. The administrative staff, Hearing Examiner, or City Council may impose additional conditions that are deemed necessary in granting the permit to maintain consistency with a safe and attractive pedestrian environment. (Ord. 1930 (20C.80.7205))

20D.170.25-020 General Development Standards.

(1)    Multi-lanes drive-through facilities shall be allowed only as part of a multi-story building.

(2)    Exit driveways serving drive-through lanes shall not exceed 11 feet in width within 20 feet of the street curb.

(3)    A minimum of 120 feet of vehicle queuing space shall be provided outside the public right-of-way, on-site vehicular circulation aisles, or between the building and street.

(4)    The drive-through lanes shall be screened by Type II landscape plantings or equivalent.

(5)    Buildings shall be attractively designed, incorporating rich and traditional building materials including brick, masonry, tile or marble. Roofs shall be well articulated and street front facades shall be pedestrian-oriented and -scaled. (Ord. 1930 (20C.80.7210); Ord. 1734)