20D.170.55 Secure Community Transition Facilities.

20D.170.55-010 Purpose and Intent.

The purpose and intent of requiring standards for secure community transition facilities (SCTFs) is to comply with Chapter 71.09 RCW, while maintaining compatibility with other land uses and services permitted within the City. (Ord. 2152)

20D.170.55-020 Applicability.

The standards in this section apply to all SCTFs proposed and approved pursuant to RCDG 20F.30.40 and 20F.40.80 and are not subject to a variance. (Ord. 2152)

20D.170.55-030 Siting Criteria.

(1)    SCTFs should be located near transit facilities, as appropriate.

(2)    SCTFs are only permitted in the areas designated on the Secure Community Transition Facilities Permitted Locations Map.

(3)    No SCTF shall be permitted within one mile from any existing SCTF, work release, pre-release, or similar facilities, as defined in RCW 71.09.250(8) and (9). (Ord. 2152)

20D.170.55-040 On-Site Facilities Required.

Each SCTF shall have the capability to provide on-site dining, on-site laundry or laundry service, and on-site recreation facilities to serve the residents. (Ord. 2152)

20D.170.55-050 Application Materials.

In addition to the regular application materials required for a land use review pursuant to RCDG 20F.30.40 and 20F.40.80, an application for an SCTF shall also include:

(1)    The siting process used for the SCTF, including alternative locations considered.

(2)    An analysis showing that consideration was given to potential sites such that siting of the facility will not result in a concentration of similar facilities in a particular neighborhood, community, jurisdiction, or region.

(3)    Proposed mitigation measures, including the use of buffering from adjoining uses.

(4)    A general overview of planned security for the facility.

(5)    A schedule and analysis of all public input solicited or to be solicited during the siting process. (Ord. 2152)