Transportation Standards

20D.210.10    Transportation Management Code.

20D.210.10-010    Overview: Transportation Concurrency and Impact Fees.

Transportation Concurrency

20D.210.10-020    Plan-Based Concurrency: Purpose and Intent.

20D.210.10-030    Application.

20D.210.10-040    Relationship to the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

20D.210.10-050    Administration.

20D.210.10-060    Concurrency and the Transportation Level-of-Service (LOS) Standard.

20D.210.10-070    Review of Development Proposals – Concurrency Testing.

20D.210.10-080    Available Options When the Mobility Unit (MU) Supply Is Insufficient to Serve a Proposed Development.

Transportation Impact Fees

20D.210.10-090    Purpose and Intent.

20D.210.10-100    Imposition of the Transportation Impact Fee.

20D.210.10-110    Computation of the Transportation Impact Fee.

20D.210.10-120    City of Redmond Adopted Transportation Impact Fees – Fee Schedule.

20D.210.10-130    Impacts to King County Transportation Facilities.

20D.210.10-140    Adopted Impact Fees to Mitigate Impacts on Transportation Facilities in Unincorporated King County.

20D.210.10-150    Transportation Impact Fees.

20D.210.10-160    Use of Funds.

20D.210.10-170    Refund of Fees Paid.

20D.210.10-180    Exemptions from Payment of Transportation Impact Fees.

20D.210.10-190    Credits Against Payment of Transportation Impact Fees.

20D.210.10-200    Appeals.

20D.210.10-210    Review.

20D.210.10-220    Administration and Appeals.

20D.210.15    Transportation Management Program.

20D.210.15-010    Requirement.

20D.210.15-020    Program Objective.

20D.210.15-030    Program Performance.

20D.210.15-040    Required Program Activities.

20D.210.15-050    Repealed.

20D.210.15-060    Program Review.

20D.210.15-070    Program Implementation.

20D.210.20    Street and Access Standards.

20D.210.20-010    Purpose.

20D.210.20-020    Scope.

20D.210.20-030    Street Classification.

20D.210.20-040    Street Plan.

20D.210.20-050    Right-of-Way and/or Easement Dedication.

20D.210.20-060    Local Access Streets.

20D.210.20-070    Construction Specifications and Design Standards.

20D.210.20-080    Access.

20D.210.20-090    Traffic Control, Safety Devices and Street Lights.

20D.210.20-100    Optional Street Standards.

20D.210.20-110    Other Improvements in Rights-of-Way.

20D.210.20-120    Private Street Dedication.

20D.210.20-130    Performance Assurance.

20D.210.20-140    Street Naming and Numbering.

20D.210.20-150    Required Off-Site Street Improvements.

20D.210.20-160    Streets Designated in Transportation or Capital Improvement Program.

20D.210.25    Sight Clearance at Intersections.

20D.210.25-010    Purpose.

20D.210.25-020    Intersection.

20D.210.25-030    Obstruction of Intersection.

20D.210.25-040    Sight Distance Triangle.

20D.210.25-050    Vertical Sight Distance at Intersections.

20D.210.25-060    Special Cases.

20D.210.30    Walkways, Sidewalks, and Trails.

20D.210.30-010    Required Installation.

20D.210.30-020    Location.

20D.210.30-030    Trails.

20D.210.30-040    Construction Specifications.