20D.220.10 Underground Wiring.

20D.220.10-010 Underground Wiring Requirements.

(1)    Wiring and related equipment for electrical, communication, and other purposes except for transformer vaults, shall be placed underground when one or more of the following occurs:

(a)    Subdivisions are developed;

(b)    Short subdivisions are developed;

(c)    Local improvement districts and utility local improvement districts are developed;

(d)    Street or utility improvements are undertaken;

(e)    Approved planned unit developments are developed; or

(f)    Building complexes or other projects are developed and are of a size to warrant undergrounding.

(2)    Where the Technical Committee has determined that interim street improvements are adequate as provided in RCDG 20D.210.20-150, Required Off-Site Street Improvements, these requirements may be temporarily waived. (Formerly 20C.20.250(05))

20D.220.10-020 Overhead Facilities Prohibited.

As overhead communication, electrical and utility facilities are relocated underground, persons and businesses served by such facilities shall relocate all overhead connections underground and connect to the new underground facilities within 90 days of the date of undergrounding completion. (Formerly 20C.20.250(10))

20D.220.10-030 Property Owner’s Responsibility for Rewiring.

The property owner is responsible for providing all labor and materials for any required rewiring and relocation of existing facilities between primary relocation and the point at which secondary service is received on the customer’s premises. The property owner shall also provide necessary occupancy rights and easements for transmission facilities and maintenance. (Formerly 20C.20.250(15))

20D.220.10-040 Construction Specifications.

The design and construction specifications for underground facilities covered by this section shall be subject to approval by the Director of Public Works. (Formerly 20C.20.250(20))

20D.220.10-050 Exemptions.

The requirements of this section shall not apply to electrical distribution substations nor to electrical lines of greater than 50 kV capacity unless it can be shown that the undergrounding of these lines has become economically feasible. (Formerly 20C.20.250(25))