20D.240 Transit Supportive Development*

20D.240.10    Purpose.

20D.240.20    Standards

20D.240.20-010    Citywide Transit Supportive Development Standards.

20D.240.20-020    Repealed.

*User’s Manual How to Use the Transit Supportive Development Regulations:

1.    Determine the proposed uses that will, or may, be part of your development.

2.    Using the table in RCDG 20D.240.20-010, determine what requirements, if any, apply to your development. They depend on the proposed uses. Single-family homes and one single duplex have no requirements. Incorporate the applicable requirements into your design.

20D.240.10 Purpose.

Land use can have a substantial effect on residents’, employees’, and visitors’ ability to travel by walking or other travel on sidewalks, bike, or use carpools, vanpools, and transit. Using these travel modes rather than single-occupancy motor vehicles can reduce traffic and the adverse impacts on air quality, water quality and neighborhood quality traffic causes. Redmond uses various techniques to provide for transit supportive development. The techniques in this chapter guide site and building design and construction to reduce single-occupancy motor vehicles trips. (Ord. 2027)