20D.60 Impact Fees*

*    User Guide: This chapter includes regulations for the assessment, collection, and administration of fire and park, recreation, open space or trail facilities impact fees. These fees are adopted pursuant to Chapter 82.02 RCW. Regulations for the assessment of transportation impact fees can be found in RCDG 20D.210.10.

20D.60.10    Fire, Park and School Impact Fees.

20D.60.10-010    Authority.

20D.60.10-020    Purposes.

20D.60.10-030    Payment of Impact Fees Required.

20D.60.10-040    Exemptions to the Requirement to Pay Fire, Park, School and Transportation Impact Fees.

20D.60.10-050    Exemptions to the Requirement to Pay Fire, Park and Transportation Impact Fees for Low- and Moderate-Income Housing.

20D.60.10-055    Exemptions to the Requirement to Pay School Impact Fees for Low-Income Housing.

20D.60.10-060    Computing Required Impact Fees Using Adopted Impact Fee Schedules.

20D.60.10-070    Computing Required Impact Fees Based on an Independent Fee Calculation Study.

20D.60.10-080    Credits and Adjustments to Required Impact Fee Payments.

20D.60.10-090    Appeals and Payments Under Protest.

20D.60.10-100    Impact Fee Accounts and Disbursements for Fire, Park and Transportation Impact Fees.

20D.60.10-105    Impact Fee Accounts and Disbursements for School Impact Fees.

20D.60.10-110    Fire and Park Impact Fee Refunds.

20D.60.10-115    School Impact Fee Refunds.

20D.60.10-120    Annual Impact Fee Report.

20D.60.10-130    Periodic Review of Fee Schedules.

20D.60.10-140    Transportation Impact Fees, Coordination with Chapter 20D.210 RCDG.

20D.60.10-150    Formula for Determining Fire Impact Fees.

20D.60.10-160    Formula for Determining Park Impact Fees.

20D.60.10-170    Formula for Determining School Impact Fees.