20D.70.10 Provisions Generally.

20D.70.10-010 Prohibited Landfilling.

Landfilling that will significantly reduce or increase the shoreline of the subject property, create unstable land conditions, cause subsidence, cause land to rise, or create islands or peninsulas is prohibited. (Formerly 20C.20.080(05))

20D.70.10-020 Restoration.

Landfills to restore changes to existing natural conditions on Lake Sammamish are permitted only if the changes were caused by manmade events and if the restoration occurs within five years of the change. (Formerly 20C.20.080(10))

20D.70.10-030 Permits.

All filling requires a grading and clearing permit; see Chapter 15.24 RMC, Clearing, Grading and Storm Water Management. (Formerly 20C.20.080(15))

20D.70.10-040 Erosion Control with Filling.

Landfills shall be protected against erosion with retaining walls or similar structures or by vegetation established during the first growing season following completion of the landfill. (Formerly 20C.20.080(20))

20D.70.10-050 Landfills in Floodplains.

Landfills shall not be permitted in floodways but may be permitted in the floodway fringe in areas designated “Urban Environment” in RCDG Title 20B, Shoreline Environments Map, and in other floodway fringes subject to confirmation that an equal water storage capacity is maintained and that no significant direct or indirect damage to the watercourse, water quality, stream flow or aquatic life will occur, and compliance with the development standards for flood hazard areas as outlined in RCDG 20D.140.10-230. (Formerly 20C.20.080(25))

20D.70.10-060 Reduction of Surface Area.

Landfills shall not cause a significant reduction of the normal surface area of a body of water at ordinary high water, they shall improve or maintain public safety, the aesthetic and visual qualities of the shoreline, water quality, access to the waterfront and shall prevent erosion. (Formerly 20C.20.080(30))

20D.70.10-070 Landfill Quality.

Landfills must consist of clean materials that will not result in the leaching of chemical or solid contaminants into water bodies. (Formerly 20C.20.080(35))

20D.70.10-080 Filling for Septic Tank Drainage.

Filling to provide for septic tank drainfields is prohibited. (Formerly 20C.20.080(40))

20D.70.10-090 Solid Waste Disposal.

Landfills for solid waste disposal are prohibited within shoreline areas and critical aquifer recharge areas. (Ord. 1693. Formerly 20C.20.080(45))