20D.80 Landscaping and Tree Protection

20D.80.10    Landscaping and Natural Screening.

20D.80.10-010    Purpose.

20D.80.10-020    Compliance with Requirements.

20D.80.10-030    Unique or Special Circumstances.

20D.80.10-040    Landscape Plan Approval.

20D.80.10-050    Performance Assurance.

20D.80.10-060    Repealed.

20D.80.10-070    Landscape Area Requirements.

20D.80.10-080    Types of Planting.

20D.80.10-090    Existing Plant Material.

20D.80.10-100    Plant Materials.

20D.80.10-110    Planting on Adjacent Rights-of-Way.

20D.80.10-120    Minimum Planting Area.

20D.80.10-130    Pervious Surface Areas.

20D.80.10-140    Street Tree Program.

20D.80.10-150    Planting Standards.

20D.80.10-160    Grading.

20D.80.10-170    Soil Guidelines.

20D.80.10-180    Irrigation.

20D.80.10-190    Maintenance Requirements.

20D.80.20    Tree Protection.

20D.80.20-010    Purpose and Intent.

20D.80.20-020    Permits Required.

20D.80.20-030    Exemptions.

20D.80.20-040    Application Requirements.

20D.80.20-050    Application Fee.

20D.80.20-060    Permit Review Criteria.

20D.80.20-070    Tree Protection Standards.

20D.80.20-080    Tree Replacement.

20D.80.20-090    Exceptions.

20D.80.20-100    Protection Measures.

20D.80.20-110    Maintenance.

20D.80.20-120    Performance Assurance.

20D.80.20-130    Enforcement.