20F.20.20 Site Plan Review.

20F.20.20-010 Purpose.

The intent of this section is to establish procedures for reviewing site plans submitted as part of permit applications. The purpose of the site plan review process is to determine compliance with the City’s applicable development regulations and Comprehensive Plan provisions. (Ord. 2118)

20F.20.20-015 Policy.

Review procedures and informational materials shall be targeted at reducing the need for any request by the City for amended plans or additional information upon review of an applicant’s formal application materials. The City shall make its best effort to coordinate a complete and thorough City response to any application, or application resubmittal, that requires an applicant to amend plans or provide additional information. (Ord. 2118)

20F.20.20-020 Scope.

The review and approval of site plans shall be made as a part of the application approval process unless otherwise provided in this chapter. (Ord. 2118)

20F.20.20-030 Procedures.

A site plan shall be submitted as part of all permit and project approval applications with the information required in RCDG 20F.30.20. Additional information may be required to conduct an adequate review. Each application shall be reviewed for compliance with the requirements in the Redmond Community Development Guide. (Ord. 2118)

20F.20.20-040 Site Plan Review Criteria.

(1)    Consistency. Site plans are reviewed by the City to determine consistency between the proposed project and the applicable regulations and Comprehensive Plan provisions.

(a)    A proposed project’s consistency with the City’s development regulations shall be determined by consideration of:

(i)    The type of land use;

(ii)    The level of development, such as units per acre or other measures of density;

(iii)    Availability of infrastructure, including public facilities and services needed to serve the development; and

(iv)    The character of the development, such as development standards.

(b)    Upon review of a site plan, the decision-maker shall determine whether building design and site design complies with the following provisions:

(i)    RCDG Titles 20A, Preface and Definitions, 20B, Comprehensive Plan, 20C, Land Use Regulations, 20D, City-Wide Regulations, and the Appendices that carry out these titles;

(ii)    The provisions of RMC Title 15 that affect building location and general site design;

(iii)    The Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) if not otherwise satisfied;

(iv)    RCDG Title 20F, Administration and Procedures, to the extent it provides the procedures to ensure compliance with the requirements in subsections (1)(b)(i) and (iii) of this section.

(c)    Not included in the site plan review are full compliance with the building and construction codes (included in RMC Title 15), the requirements for construction drawings and approvals, and the specific location, size, and design of public facilities, which shall be determined during building permit review and construction drawing review. Building permits and construction drawings shall comply with the approved site plan.

(2)    Limitations on Review. During project review, the City shall not re-examine alternatives to or hear appeals on the items identified in subsection (1)(a) of this section, except for issues of code interpretation. Site plans shall be reviewed to identify specific project design and conditions relating to the character of development, such as the details of site plans, curb cuts, drainage swales, the payment of impact fees, or other measures to mitigate a proposal’s probable adverse environmental impacts.

(3)    Burden and Nature of Proof. The burden of proof for demonstrating that the application is consistent with the applicable regulations is on the proponent. The project permit application must be supported by proof that it conforms to the applicable elements of the City’s development regulations, Comprehensive Plan and that any significant adverse environmental impacts have been adequately addressed. (Ord. 2118)

20F.20.20-050 Application Approval.

(1)    The approval authority shall approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove the application. The approval authority may grant final approval subject to any conditions it feels necessary to protect and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the community.

(2)    Such conditions may include, but are not limited to the following: the requirement of easements, covenants, and dedications; “fees-in-lieu-of”; the installation, maintenance and bonding of improvements such as streets, landscaping, sewer, water, storm drainage, underground wiring, sidewalks, trails; and the recording of any conditions to achieve the objectives of the Development Guide with the King County Department of Records and Elections. (Ord. 2118)