20F.40.140 Special Use.

20F.40.140-010 Purpose.

This section defines the procedure for considering special uses and applying standards defined in the guidelines for special uses. (Ord. 2118)

20F.40.140-020 Scope.

A special use is a use on which the City has established special conditions within the Redmond Community Development Guide for designated uses or activities in order to establish compatibility with other uses in the same land use district and in the vicinity of the subject property. Special uses are identified in the “Permitted Land Uses” charts in RCDG Title 20C. (Ord. 2118)

20F.40.140-030 Procedure.

Special uses shall follow the procedures established in RCDG 20F.30.35 for a Type II permit process. (Ord. 2118)

20F.40.140-040 Decision Criteria.

Special review criteria are provided for in RCDG 20D.170 and RCDG 20C.30 for specific uses. (Ord. 2118)

20F.40.140-050 Optional Hearing.

When the Technical Committee determines that a public hearing is necessary because of the nature of the application, the Hearing Examiner shall hold the hearing and take final action on the application pursuant to RCDG 20F.30.40-070 through RCDG 20F.30.40-100. (Ord. 2118)