Chapter 6.08


6.08.010    Removal by health officer.

6.08.020    Fining owner.

6.08.010 Removal by health officer.

The health officer shall remove, at the expense of the city, all filth found therein, which in his judgment endangers the lives or health of any inhabitants, and require the owner or occupant, when he thinks necessary, to remove or discontinue any drain or other source of filth. (Ord. 168 § 1, 1953).

6.08.020 Fining owner.

When any source of filth, or other cause of sickness is found on private property, the owner or occupant thereof shall, within twenty-four hours after notice from the health officer, at the expense of the owner or occupant, remove or discontinue it. If he neglects or unreasonably delays to do so, he shall forfeit to the city the sum of fifty dollars. The health officer shall cause the nuisance to be removed or discontinued, and all expenses shall be repaid to the city by the owner, occupant or the person who caused or permitted it. The sum of fifty dollars and expenses shall be recoverable by the city in a civil action instituted against the owner, occupant or the person who caused or permitted the nuisance to exist. (Ord. 168 § 2, 1953).