Chapter 13.15


13.15.010    Description of improvements.

13.15.020    Description of service area.

13.15.030    Connection charge – Assessment rate.

13.15.040    Collection of connection charges.

13.15.050    Additional to other charges.

13.15.010 Description of improvements.

The sanitary sewer system improvements referred to in this chapter and those to which this chapter shall pertain consist of those sanitary sewer system improvements installed under Project No. 78-SS-63, LID 79-SS-31, known as and hereinafter referred to as the “180th Avenue N.E. Sanitary Sewer Project.” (Ord. 1162 § 1 (part), 1983).

13.15.020 Description of service area.

The service area for the purposes of this chapter shall include those properties in the vicinity of 180th Avenue N.E. which were not included in and assessed under LID 79-SS-31, but which may later be served by said improvements and specifically including the real property described on Exhibit A, attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter and incorporated herein by this reference, situated in the city of Redmond, King County, Washington. (Ord. 1162 § 1 (part), 1983).

13.15.030 Connection charge – Assessment rate.

As a condition to the right to connect to the 180th Avenue N.E. Sanitary Sewer Project, a charge based on the original assessment method for like lots located within the local improvement district, shall be paid and computed as follows:

Zone 1, Proximity of Service Zone: First 200 feet of lot depth abutting sewer – $0.0829222 per square foot.

Zone 2, General Area Zone: Area beyond Zone 1 extending to the service area boundary described in Section 13.15.020 – $0.04146115 per square foot.

The connection charge shall be collected from the owners of all property included within the service area set forth and described in Section 13.15.020. The determination of the area to be charged, including computations for individual lots and tracts, shall be made by the Department of Public Works of the city. In the case of large, unplatted tracts, the Public Works Department shall have the authority to segregate the property to be served for the purpose of determining the area which shall be subject to the connection charge; provided that in no case shall the size of the area charged be less than the existing zoning requirements for the use zone district involved. (Ord. 1162 § 1 (part), 1983).

13.15.040 Collection of connection charges.

The connection charges herein determined shall be payable at the time application for a sanitary sewer service connection is made. Connection charges collected shall be considered revenue of the water/sewer utility to be used solely for capital improvements. Connection shall not be made until all connection charges have been paid. (Ord. 1162 § 1 (part), 1983).

13.15.050 Additional to other charges.

The connection charges assessed pursuant to this chapter shall be in addition to the actual cost of such connection and to charges imposed under other ordinances of the city related to utility connections, including Section 13.16.100* of the Redmond Municipal Code. (Ord. 1162 § 1 (part), 1983).

* Editor’s Note: Section 13.16.100 was repealed by Ord. 1485.