1-4-1:    Duties

1-4-2:    Full-Time Basis

1-4-3:    Rules For Appointing Officers

1-4-1 DUTIES:

The duties and powers of the Mayor of the City shall be those prescribed by the laws of the State and by the regulations of the City, in addition to the provisions hereinafter made applicable. (Ord. 1536, Sec. 2, 2-14-56)


The office of the Mayor shall be conducted an a full-time basis and he shall be the chief executive officer of the City government and as such have general supervision over the several departments of the City and over all its interests. (Ord. 1536, Sec. 2, 2-14-56)


The Department officers and administrators listed in RMC Title 3 shall be appointed by the Mayor, and subject to confirmation by a majority of the members of the City Council. If the Council shall refuse to confirm any such nomination of the Mayor, then the Mayor shall appoint another person to fill the office, and the Mayor may continue to appoint until the appointee is confirmed. The Council shall have up to two regularly scheduled council meetings, but not less than ten (10) days, to act upon the Mayor’s appointment, but should the Council fail to act within that period of time, the appointment will be deemed confirmed. The Mayor shall have the ability to make interim appointments for up to six months without Council confirmation. Each administrator appointed shall, before entering upon the duties of that office, take the oath of office, if required, and further, if required, shall give bond and file the same within ten (10) days after receiving notice of appointment and confirmation, or if no notice is received, then on or before the date fixed for the assumption of the duties of the office to which that person has been appointed. (Ord. 1536, Sec. 3, 2-14-56; amd. Ord. 2608, 12-28-70; Ord. 5079, 6-7-2004)