Title IV


City of



The City of Renton, in partnership with residents, business and government, is dedicated to:

Providing a healthy atmosphere in which to live and raise families, encourage responsible growth and economic vitality, and create a positive work environment;

Resulting in a quality community where people choose to live, work and play.



Chapter 1    Administration and Enforcement

Chapter 2    Zoning Districts – Uses and Standards

Chapter 3    Environmental Regulations and Overlay Districts

Chapter 4    City-Wide Property Development Standards

Chapter 5    Building and Fire Prevention Standards

Chapter 6    Street and Utility Standards

Chapter 7    Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 8    Permits – General and Appeals

Chapter 9    Permits – Specific

Chapter 10    Legal Nonconforming Structures, Uses and Lots

Chapter 11    Definitions


Citation to the Renton Development Regulations: This code contains all the provisions of Title 4 of the Renton Municipal Code and should be cited as RMC; i.e., “see RMC 4-10-010”. An RMC chapter should be cited chapter 4-10 RMC. An RMC section should be cited RMC 4-10-010. Through references should be made as RMC 4-10-010 through 4-10-040. Series of sections should be cited as RMC 4-10-010, 4-10-020, and 4-10-030.

Page and section numbering system: The page numbering system for these regulations does not run sequentially from the first page of the document to the last. Instead, page numbering begins with the number of the chapter followed by a page number. Each chapter starts with a Table of Contents listing the provisions found in the chapter by page number. These Table of Contents pages themselves are numbered with lowercase Roman numerals. For example, the first page of the Table of Contents of the first chapter is 1-i; the first page of text of the first chapter is 1-1; the tenth page is 1-10. The first page of the Table of Contents of the second chapter is 2-i; the first page of text is 2-1, and so on to the end of the document. As the Development Regulations are supplemented and pages are added, a decimal numbering and lettering system is used to allow for expansion of existing chapters. A detailed directions page is included with each supplement.

The section numbering system used in the Development Regulations operates in the following manner:

Legislation: The legislative source of each section is enclosed in parentheses at the end of the applicable section or subsection. References to ordinances are abbreviated and a semicolon between ordinance citations indicates an amendment of the earlier section; thus “(Ord. 4638, 4-4-94; Amd. Ord. 4654, 6-5-94)” refers to Ordinance No. 4638 as amended by Ordinance No. 4654.

Index: The Development Regulations index follows Chapter 4-11. The index includes complete cross-referencing and is keyed to the section and subsection numbers described above.

Errors or omissions: Although considerable care has been used in the production of this code, it is inevitable in so large a work that there will be errors. As users of this code detect such errors, it is requested that a note citing the section involved and the nature of the error be e-mailed to: CPC@codepublishing.com, so that correction may be made in a subsequent update.

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